24 April 2019

Service Dog Training - Day 11 - Tiny - The Water Hose

On this video I am working Tiny near the water hose which had been a tremendous problem for her owners. Visit www.k9pack.com.

hi welcome in this video this is day 11

with the service dog training process tiny in this video tiny has a tremendous problem her lisa has had a tremendous problem around water hoses and when the owner showed up yesterday visit on ebay brought this well we're going through right now okay and so here the axes those here to help me with this so he's gonna be spraying water but not to have two teams tiny not to set this up so that create a situation where deputy lock off but this is about fading and this is about power accepting okay how tiny is expressing dusting coolers of water a relationship so here when there was enough of the same type of interaction being proactive don't apply certain technique in terms of just how I'm intercepting your state of mind as a totally turning for the water just spraying like just normal like it would be like watering the grass and I'm going to be slowly moving towards him get closer close to water hose but not get much spraying the water hose in such a way that I'm spraying tiny I just said setting this up so that tiny releases of mine if you have issues like this where dogs are very reactive

certain things understand how that hypo relationship okay suppose you have relations probably begin with and so be the advocate properly so this interactive bass technique works great for doing this no I haven't we haven't I protest I haven't worked on you around this creating a fantastic video I don't do things like that this is wrong okay this is but it's again if sedation is based on the work I've already said in Japan he in terms of fixing the relationship in terms of baby I expect this will go okay the water hose spraying turn around a little bit she imagined it all before I feel like you yeah for Jack wait over here great rate of high caffeine get rid of all book the water hose now it's right here you see the spray coming right above us I bring it down low over here to kind of move it down for us it's kind of tiny popping her out of that just a hey don't

worry about the water total change you see how quickly okay she released that state of mind she when their their owners just with a tremendous tremendous issues now not so much right it's all about relationships all but meeting a proactive say you know what so they expected a tremendous issue here she John and some will say that distress signal okay well relax there we go there we have it wires the end the grass being water at the same time what