25 December 2017

Service Dog Training Update - Coco - Phase 2 - Off Leash Transition

On this video I am showing Coco's progress as her role as a service dog. Visit www.k9pack.com.

hi welcome in this video I'm gonna

provide a little provide a little update macoco and cope was here for service dog training and we're right in the middle of phase two and again folks of phase two is continuing the relational teaching process related additions of control against you've had a lot of control of the relationship with your owner and so this is a really staying focused on on diminishment of these control issues and that comes to again investment in the mapa get integrity of method so and you're looking for benchmarks in terms of when to go off leash a little bit of what you guys see in this video I'm going to see me actually transitioning off leash with with couple a little bit the benchmarks are the dog coming into agreement to the method this is why integrity of the method is very important even here you see her or leaning down here a lot again that's just kind of one of those indicators right in terms of control they how the mind reacts to this script to the method investment so you see me do the push and pull draw eyes are up a little bit but again looking at where we're at the

process again I'm looking for is how she's responding to the method within its within the prams of having proper proper integrity integrity is very important okay again it gives me you'll give the benchmarks it will establish a baseline as to where I'm at in the process but again once you really get you know really committed really focus to the system okay you'll just know certain things okay you'll know because just how to automatically work with dog and around so here I'm going to be doing is going to be going awfully to see that with her but at the same time doing they'll be doing a little bit of scripting warmup okay which means I'm going to stay on leash for a couple minutes then I'm going to go up off of each okay midway through so you can see how this transition but again she's not there yet where I can just go fully off with each rate from the beginning and you know have that type of reliability yet okay it's coming moving in that direction but here this video you're going to see start to see how the commands have meaningful influence now in house you're starting starting to respond off leash

without any expectation for say something return on the treat to getting control through me that's a big issue a community issue of relationally this is all about the relationship and again be a little more challenging because some of the dogs I take on for certain sports training and such as with coke will have a lot of control issues okay a lot of trainers wouldn't even take some of these dogs on because it's a lot of work but again you know the owners had a year or two weekend with these dogs and so you know there's already relation problem going on but the other dogs and want to be able to having a service dog so you know really committed to make sure that that happens but it gets a lot of a lot of work on my part so I invested a lot of going down and visiting you couples here full time I'm going down to the home environment of her owner spend a lot of time in okay I make short years up because again dr. respond grief to me but have to make sure cope was going to respond the same way with you know her so it's really gearing this up clearing this up fixing the relationship to cleaning go : her own so I'm going to move forward here

and see me working with her on leash first down really certain women focus here see even here working on default sit so when I slow down when the owners close down John Madden goes into a sit position that's what I wanted to serve us all for yeah be on the down position sorry influence at a certain point when I think that it's not going quick it out right here we're going to work off some distance now okay okay then really good push and pull before I feed the command Coco top Release Technique over in sort of influence good integrity one hour right in front of me come around the handle it's going to do up in a straight line and fun movement there and circle back and I think walk these here in a minute today oh how where they sort of see your tails wagging the whole time it's just about relationship and control or coming into a future with what's reasonable this is where I'm gonna go off leash Hey I'll go again Hey I'll go

good she knows that leashes on the court they go forward here yeah Sam you know great little headphones Erica our minds work and okay it's a little bit not responding is good to the template and I don't get it all right slow down yeah yeah Hey Oh good really good so you see the transition I can't on leash off leash and consider it where we're at in the process so again not fully invested get in terms of you know leaning heavily on on just being told it off Nisha we're not there yet but it's coming so you can see the process if you look at the videos from day one with Coco all over after we will see the transition and she's not responding again because she wants something in return this is about right relationship this both her coming to agreement okay through the process through the method in terms of a follower role get a house is responding to me they get come on really good this

gives you a little bit of a window into the process going off leash how that's done again you know it's really important understands I'm totally being totally committed invested in the measurement that's what the sequence s will get you to go and pull it off which with the dog it's really making sure the integrity of the method stays true to what it is because again you're way building you're changing the core of the relationship receptions of the dog from dog the human that's what changes everything and so that's when people in takes hold the really lean lean on those commands you're going to have to service dog training to rely on like reliability consistency that is needed for a dog to be truly a help and that's what couples jobs gonna be is being comforted we're all myself thanks for watching