09 October 2018

Service dog training (husky)🐺⚡

Mowen trainning and our first video togeter.


[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hello everyone I'm Ken and this is my service dog Moe I'm gonna start with the basic training because Moines is easy to train so Moen yeah boy I don't mind the other 1k back nope you see that was a bad year because the jump is he won't be he won't be reward okay no no the trick with him the thing he hates to do the things he ate to do it's leave it I love to put treats on the floor and him to just stare at them until a couple of minute until you can't come soon and get them that's my cat and don't mind the buck he's back is because birds were still moving so good boy so good please take it mowing down can you crop crop go away yeah his feets are pretty sharp right now so I have to watch rings you know I hate you me I'm like cool boy Kimmo and sit sit no I'm Jacob Miller oh he's still in the basic process but he's learning fast good boy get alerts yes me when I panic and pull it

that's usually what I'm doing because I'm choking coop oh I did so my trainer tell me told me that I have to exaggerate for him to learn that whenever I do this or dis or the move that I'm choking him to react so let's try put up treats why yes oh boy okay down you see he did pretty well and like you see you know is that I don't have any treats so he just laid over there and relax huh for almost four months he's pretty smart so let's try it again good boy yes yes like you see her husky he's really smart Mowen don't really new know any like big tricks yet but me and my friend who's also my trainer we tried to teach him the trick spin well for something some people it stick boy he have it pretty good let me show you I'm gonna show you moment oh boy I'm gonna try to make to be in an Engel that I can show you keep mowing boy oh are you gonna have another one mommy got you got your treats yeah dad the the white white one over there that's his mom and that's his uncle okay stick good boy hi LexA so spit yeah boy he's pretty

smart and I'm pretty proud of him