10 September 2019

Service dog vest came in

Seraphina is in training to be my service dog. Joshua is getting his license transferred today which will allow him to go to trucking school and I get a little ...

good morning everybody its Kiana girl

and sarafina as you can see we've got some good news sit down babe hey don't be a turd sit down I don't see I'm gonna sit down how are you sit down alright so try to do this today but good news boyfriend has his prefer residency we will be going down to MVD today bad news the truck broke down good news that fixed it bad news we still have to go get stuff for it other good news I am doing well on learning to drive stick shift I'm still struggling with some things but I'm getting better at it and yeah so other good news we got her service dog best and it says in training guys because she's still in training and she's only eight months old seriously she won't be fully done training until she's about two years old so we've got a long way to go but as of right now she's pretty much allowed to go everywhere with me almost almost because she's still in training so there there are limitations but right now she already knows her tasks which is why she can go pretty much almost anywhere with me the problem is she's not public trained she loves everybody and she's still very puppy

excited and so she likes to jump on people when she first see them so we are working on getting her tired enough that we can train her to not jump on people and or to realize when it is acceptable to jump on people and what it is not because I think that's the better out is the teacher when it's acceptable to do it as opposed to telling her she just can't do it because she is a dog and you know I don't want to take away everything from her I know there a lot of a lot of service dogs are trained very strictly but with the service dog I had before she was still allowed to be a dog but she knew when was time to work and when was time to play so that's just the way I like my service dogs trained I don't like them being 24/7 on the clock I don't think that's fair to them so but yeah I don't know if I mentioned it earlier but I had a panic attack at work yesterday and of course she was at home because I work at Dunkin Donuts oh it's not like I could take her to work anyways but I managed to work through it you know mostly because I know I was at work and I had to work through it so that's one of the things that you know that's one of my things like if I'm

driving a vehicle or like a truck or a bus or even a personal vehicle I don't have my panic attacks like because I know that I am controlling that vehicle and the safety of other people so the panic attack just doesn't happen but once I'm relieved of that duty either by me parking the vehicle or me going in the back of the vehicle yeah if like if I was in the truck me going in the back of the vehicle then it changes and that's when I'm more prone to having that panic attacks so that's why Sarafina was on the truck because she got me out of the truck which I didn't like to do I mean I'd go in go to the bathroom do my thing you know take a shower whatever come back out to the truck and go to sleep or you know go in the shippers and receivers and whatnot but other than that I was in the truck like 24/7 basically ah so she's she's helped me get out and even being here the reason that she has that fest which we just got yesterday is that she can go with me when I go shopping for food because Joshua's not gonna be here much longer and I don't like to get out of the house

unless I'm going to work or I'm going to do something that I have to do and so I need that extra incentive to get out and also I need her to go shopping with me because it's it's almost paralyzing for me to go shopping by myself even if it's like for necessary items hi babe say hi hey babe guess what what you're we're going to MVD today right huh we're going to MVD today right get your license transferred we can yes you can do you know what schools you've been looking at not yet you're not sure no you just need proof of residence oh yeah you just need a proof for residents new days we got to get started on our day so I'll catch you guys later