08 October 2019

service dog video - Skylar Lehr - Bryant


[Music] my name is Heather and I want to tell you about what I think an assistant can do for Skyler first of all I think the dog should be a companion or it could be a companion I had a hearing dog 15 years ago and she changed my life I was so disabled and she just made things so much easier for me and I hope that a dog can help Skyler in the very same way and I also think hope that the dog could do pressure therapy we use our current dog like that she's not trained but when Skyler has a really bad panic attack the dog kind of gets on top of her and helps her enormous Lea and I hope that she can keep the dog with her throughout the day possibly that might mean it should be a smaller dog but I'm really looking forward to her having a companion who can help her hello my name is Skyler lair Bryant I am 16 and I would really love a service dog I have really bad anxiety which means I get bad panic attacks sometimes I get really irritable and sometimes I get some depressive episodes and I think a service dog would really help get me through a lot of that I would really love a companion moving on especially

going into college which will be next year I would really like a dog who can recognize my early panic attack symptoms I tend to pace or or fidget or shake and you know just not to me or come sit on my lap just let me know that that it's there and that I can turn to it for comfort my current dog fat dog has helped me a lot though she's not trained she's often there for me when I have panic attacks when I start hyperventilating she'll come and sit next to me when I had like peace around the room she just sits there and waits until I'm okay and I found that of great comfort as my mother said she does some like pressure therapy she just comes and snuggles me and it just makes everything so much better when I have depressive episodes often I struggle to leave my bed and just having another furry companion they're having a being that I know loves me unconditionally and that you know depends on me that I need to care for it that just makes it so much easier to get out of bed and that has honestly just having someone there who's always there for me it's just honestly saved me from time to time

I love my golden retriever with all of my heart but I really do need a smaller more portable dog I am Anna I'm an opera singer so often before productions all have panic attacks so a dog who is able to sit backstage as I'm performing or even in the dressing room is ideal I just wanted to thank little angel service dog or all the work they're doing for all the people in our nation and I'm really excited to hopefully be my dog thank you [Music]