14 August 2019

Service Dog Vlog 007

A look into one of my bad day's. I was anxious, my tooth hurt and because of said toothache I became overly sensitive to my surroundings.

morning everybody so I missed the post

yesterday um I went to I got up early went down got my client's dog she's also my best friend your dog I did a lot of recording I got a good thing good stuff going and then by 4:30 5 o'clock I rested my head in my chair next thing I know it's 8 o'clock yeah so I did the bare essentials and then went to bed so I never got that uploaded I'm not sure if I'm going to upload it we'll see anyway the plan for today is to OPEC downstairs go but go to work today it would on early goes my client and best friend has another appointment today he's eating grass get back I'm gonna head out Walmart a few odds and ends it's late in the back there it's like 6:00 it almost 6:00 in the morning now so there's a breeze it's not too bad not sure was that what's with the fading in and out phone must be acting up overall you might get more rain today so we'll see what happens today but I do apologize for not getting one up yesterday like I said I just once I got home answered really relaxing I crashed it's like okay I'm done so it's business I gotta go back and

take Mack in and then we'll go from there hope you guys have a great day so this is me if I look beat up I am I'm telling you I'm done this is what a bad day looks like for me I'm tired my body is screaming just don't ask me to make any sharp decisions at this point I don't think I'll be able to check the mail I'm at it so recap this morning I went for a walk with Oliver um and then I went to work saw don't work didn't need me as early as I as we had thought so I came back up that went back down didn't steam I didn't stay very long because Patti was pretty much out of it she was tired so I grabbed the bus I heard it out to Walmart really wish I hadn't grabbed the bus though I really wish I hadn't grabbed that bus so what happened was but not the Walmart yeah what I needed wandered around and then went out to wait for the next bus the bus driver was running late no big deal it was also his break time so normally what they do is they walk in there's that they drive in to the parking lot at Walmart sit there for whatever time they have left and then come back out and -

under the furniture road and pick us up well this guy what we thought was going up a self superior ended up going down the tower turning onto Tower and heading back downtown so there are six of us total waiting for this driver to come back and he doesn't show and he doesn't show and he doesn't show it's like I said none of us realized he had gone the other direction we just thought he'd gone out to salsa barrier so we're waiting 20 minutes rolled wise like yeah yeah I don't think that's gonna happen well if I figured out what he did it's like great so I'm dealing with a toothache I'm stressed because it driver isn't coming let me first I'm not stressed I'm anxious because the drivers are coming they don't have my anxiety medication on me so I can't call my happy little butt down yeah we'll just say that by the time I got that time I got home between the stress of all of that the anxiety the toothache the kids talking on the bus and they were just talking they did absolutely nothing wrong but I'm listening to all that I got off the bus early and I walked straight into the

apartment complex getting back in took Mac out I'm gonna lay down and crushed three Oh still not feeling 100% I'm feeling better than what I was so really wish I hadn't grabbed that bus that was just Oh My heavens so that was about it for me I'm not gonna go a new word do anything else I don't get the boys out for their last trip and then I am off to bed because you know what I'm still tired so I hope you guys enjoyed this sorry it's a little short but if you like what you see give us a like if you want to see more hit the subscription button a little bit icon down below it will notify you when I upload and Oliver and I will see you on the next adventure