10 September 2019


This is Arlo, the service dog in training's first trip to this pet store! And also a service puppy training update! Arlo is learning a lot! Tysm for watching!


time for another training update if you haven't already you should go follow our instagram it's Arlo and Anna you should go like comment and subscribe to my channel ok so it's about time for another training update because I told who did it I talked with a trainer and she showed me what to do [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I will be taking our letter to a pet store tomorrow it's a pet friendly pet store okay so the trip to the pet store is more like a socialization trip I'm not really gonna be doing any training I'm just gonna be taking him around the pet store and um getting him used to the different sights and smells and noises and I'm just gonna get him used to that if I'm packing up his bag I got some jute bags some treats a leash and his best patches and to do not distract to go on the leash and now I'm letting him out one last time good play grizzle [Music] okay so now I'm in the car with Arlo and we will be going to the pet store in

just a minute [Music] I didn't take an extremely long video at the store because Arlo is really heavy and it was kind of hard to take a video it was so high outside I had to take his vest off I'm sorry good to stay in the store like that I couldn't let him walk on the concrete because it's too hot also but um thanks for watching [Music]