19 April 2019

Shopping & Puppy Sitting | 1-2nd April

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hey guys so we are just gonna pick up a

few coat hangers and then we're gonna go and lead my room and organize it from the move yeah we've got the Rachel's support worker with us so she's gonna help us out hey hi hey sir seems like today is gonna be a shopping day yeah we're just so much better is it so I'm in the car so just as back then they just hi good just boy we're just sitting here in line to get petrol because Monday is day and I literally have my fuel lights been on for a few days so we're gonna get petrol then I'm heading home and I'm being stared at for talking my phone that I well I'm gonna have a lie down and I'm just so tired like beyond tired tired [Music] see if I feel like doing something or not harm I just went to put something in the fridge and then I like bent back up and smacked the corner of my head in the fridge like on the corner of the fridge and it really hurts and so that happened nap time I'm in the park across the road with George and is Kong we're just playing a little round of fetch or not he doesn't seem to want to play you got

sand on my finger right ready that's flats yes I don't know what he's telling he's just leaving it there who knows might walk around the block with them then I couldn't I couldn't sleep so I just lay in bed bit and then I spent about half an hour cleaning up because I still haven't organized my room from I moved I should probably do it update I moved rooms so across the hall to a bigger room yeah maybe I forgot what I was going to say good morning so I kind of fell asleep before I could take a night last night so this is gonna be today's combined and wanted in this vlog I got a really exciting package this morning I forget to take my car key all right got a really exciting package this morning which I will show you guys driving to my dad's I'm in my pajamas because Rachel and I are having VJ day I'm gonna over to her place got all my journal art supplies whatever and we're just gonna chill enough injuries have an easy day yeah see you guys later so I'm at my parents place the lovely floating candles from my party there's some over there as well so this is the package I got it is the new one tigress I think that's how you pronounce it

service dog best they were kind enough to send it to me to test it out on George and/or review bitch so far I'm loving the quality in the review I'll explain how it works and all that but just pulling out all my patches to see which ones I want to put on because it is velcro which is amazing so I can none of my patches have velcro at the moment oh the tiny butterfly ones do but none of the other ones so I'm going to sew velcro on the ones I want I love this one don't let fear control you I have so many others like patch addiction most of them or quite a few of them I designed myself like this one if you can't make your own store-bought is fine and it's a serotonin molecule let it go I'm just an assistance dog I designed this one as well I've got my company ones which are these ones some wounds are not visible these are my absolute all-time favorite the little rainbow hearts giant rainbow one unicorn more unicorn caps America I don't know I have a lot of patches I have my old Scouts patches as well like my sailing one so yeah this one's an important one I do it all my own stunts yeah so I'm gonna select patches put velcro on the pop

them on the best and then we're gonna go do a little photo shoot outside with georgeous invest so I'm currently in riot art hold my phone I'm on the way to pick up the dog I'm house-sitting and I thought I'd stop in because I was going past like really big shopping center so I'm just having a little wonder around and yeah I am hard I have just heating up my heat park and having ginger beer oh I just had Rachel's mums chicken lasagna which is like my all-time favorite food and now I'm just watching orange is the new black and relaxing my friend Jamie is in edie at the moment oh yeah she's a needy at the moment so sorry might go see her tomorrow and yeah so I'm gonna say good night here unless something drastically drastically different happens yeah so thank you for watching and I'll see you guys tomorrow good night