07 October 2018

Showing my cousins pets

hey guys candy cane here and today I'm

with my cousin Gisele or yeah her name Gigi now today we'll just me showing you guys her cats and her sisters party she's turning to now we can show them hey guys before you guys go see the cats I want you guys make sure you give um candy Kate I like and subscribe for more videos okay so first cat is made of this Tiger he is on you to do really he's pooping so I don't care it's watching poop okay we all just go back to Tiger their new cat and they're choosing oh he's so small they found him in the engine it's dark do you have like a light yeah [Music] okay here he is okay his name is Leo yeah he's only mostly a month we found him and my dad shelter when his old workers and his I'm fine and his engine he got burned all over himself yeah I could see an finish on the show so he got burned and his shoulder hidden caper we're in the back yeah sure so he got burned in his ears he got burned in his paws one of them I forgot this one and his feet and his face is actually a shriek cat okay so let's go find spooky I can't can

you bring him up maybe okay guys I will come back an ego gets or another a pet that we may show you it's not only cats it's a dog yeah and I'll be in her villages and I'm gonna show her to YouTube [Music] [Music] [Music] hi say hi my name is willow and I'm a boy no he looks like my other cut if you haven't seen him Simba if you can hear that and if you hear music it's party music [Music] [Music] [Music] we didn't hear anything that was her dog and guys mochi okay and then the little girl I showed you her name is Sophie and she's the birthday girl and here's Milano using cat we already did my honor like you're so late oh no no no no no no no okay bye guys thanks for watching missus you have scribe Travis hope is not a vacation belt turn on the post notification bell and make sure you like this video bye bye and comment down below which one was your favorite

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