17 August 2012

Sitting Down with Dog Behavior Expert Dave Cugno, episode 1

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every single one of Dave's clients has

probably heard him say he is good at one thing and that thing is dogs that thing is not sitting stationary in a chair and talking to a camera for five minutes everyone who's had a lesson from Dave knows that he is generally pacing back and forth during the lesson his levels of energy are insane sometimes I am tired just watching him move around constantly as I'm sure most of you are as well so and he'll he'll constantly say you know I've never had a drop of caffeine this is just me and it is it's him he's a fidgety when he has to sit for a while we for these videos i gave him bean to keep his hands preoccupied i did not shoot anything from the knees down so you cannot see his feet moving back and forth because he desperately wants to be walking while he's talking that's his natural communication mode so everyone who doesn't know Dave just realized that that he is not a a practiced stationary speaker in the way that you're about to see so I've I've told him over and over again that the more he does this the more natural he'll become and he looks at me dubiously and smiles and nods but I I think that's what's going to happen but for this

first video you're just going to see a Dave who wants to get his message across and is doing it in a forum that he's not necessarily comfortable with yet and I know that'll improve but for now just bear with us look past the the fidgeting and the obvious looks of being uncomfortable and just listen to the information he games because this is just the first of many videos that we're going to put up that I'm really looking forward to that give some information out to address some of the criticisms some of the the comments that we are sure are driven by just ignorance and not negative in ignorance just ignorance of knowing what we really do here people see the word dominance maybe on a web post or on a blog and they automatically think they know exactly what goes on here and they hate it and that's fine if you're against dominance but you shouldn't just don't assume that what we're doing is is the dominance that you hate until you actually find out what we do and once you know what we do feel free to hate our guts and everyone has that freedom they're entitled to do what they want so yeah if you decide to hate us after

finding out exactly what we do hate away um so without any further ado because this has been a solid two minutes of video and it's hard too much to do here's Dave leave your follower for me is about trust it's about there is a relationship between dog and owner you know it's a lot of the dollars that I get nowadays are insecure and I'm talking about it if you're on a level that you know most people don't even know this kind of its fruity exist you know the kind of dogs that were you know when they first see anybody when anybody gets within 10 feet of and they just evacuate that's fear and you know it although it's not a legitimate fear I mean the dog there's nothing from Doug actually be afraid of in you're in the dog of mine it's fear it's legitimate so what I you can't discipline a fearful you can't discipline it to your dog to listen to you that's as preposterous what I do is I teach people to interact with your dog in a way that teaches the dog that you don't have to worry I will worry for you if there's anything to worry about trust me I will take care of it for you so it's unfortunately you can't just tell a

dog that don't worry i'm going to worry for you you know yes it's implied yes it's a given that you're wearing it and protect your dog but you got to communicate with them away and they understand or otherwise it goes it goes it's pointless so you know this is about trust my program is about understanding your dome if you want to get them to a certain point I can teach you how to do it but you can't if you don't then I want to teach you at least how to understand how what your your actions are influencing your dog's actions so you can be you know spend less time frustrating have a decent relations with your dog but it's all about trust there it's a two-way street I teach people that see things from your dog's point of view as opposed to just to have the dog you this this this and this well you don't use the world differently you know I want I teach people ought to at least understand what their dogs feeling understand how their actions influence their dogs actions and get them to relate with your dog better so like I said yeah its leader follower that's why that's why I would classify it but you know if it is it Webster's dictionary

definition of leader power who the hell cares it's it's semantics it's it's there's a relationship call it whatever you want call it they program for all I care makes no difference the goal of program is that the dog is happy that's it it's all i care about is that an owner and a dog is happy doesn't matter everything else is secondary if the owner dog is happy that's all that matters if I know that I take a dog that is shapes when they're within five feet of any human being to where they all of a sudden are just confident and calm and they're just stay there they're just content with with the world then you know that's a good thing and that's a good feeling and every dog that leaves this program is better off for it all right what yo I definitely evolved over the years and change this program around and I learned to get more efficient I've been lucky in the sense where I've had the kind of you know environment that I can learn more and more and more and be in the same spot as many years so i can i can try to kind of find what i'm doing one thing that definitely learned is very few people

are going to do everything the right way very few people are going to follow your program to the t no matter what the program is there's people out there they will and that's great but the people you don't you know they deserve to have a dog too if you're not going to you know follow the steps to get to the point you're trying to get to at least understand how what you're doing affects the dog so for example if you know you're doing something that causes your dog too I don't become anxious or cause your dog to it not the bid you good with people who come to the house or or you know you you're doing you're interacting with your dog in a way that it is sending mixed messages that that's making it get protective and as a result it becomes least reactive if you know what how what you're doing is affecting the adult and you and you just just can't motivate yourself to to follow through with what you got me to fix it then understand your situation and accept the doll that you have and learn to work around the situation that you've created over the next several weeks we are going to do in a series of videos that pretty

much outline the training program that I i learned i designed in this last 20 years I we're going to go all the way from training commands guidelines to remote collars there are a lot of misconceptions about what I do all I ask that you go into this with open mind and instead of just assuming something you know maybe it's maybe there's more to it they can think and I think you're going to find that due to my unique set of circumstances that they gave me the ability to learn what I do what I know and that the surroundings that I was lucky enough to have over the last 20 years I learned things in a way that is very unique and different and I do realize that give me the benefit of the doubt going this with an open mind you just might learn something and you'll definitely find different it's happening here is good it's all over the benefit of the dog thank you