27 February 2018


Today I played with my Flush Force toys. Did I find any colour changing ones? Watch the video to find out... Please Like, Share and Subscribe. Make sure you ...

here the call of sociable somebody did

it with Sammy hi guys i'm sammy open my time of toy with Sammy today I'm going to be playing with these flew she's is little harder to catch Pooler and there's two surprises in each one you put water in here and you shake it and if the waters clear it's normal it's the watered screen it's a fishy and if the waters problem it's a super this is a collectible and includes flat sousaphone focus here the car up sociable [Music] [Music] [Applause] the toilet backs were in the tyler i'm going to open his nature [Music] I'm real excited I hope I get super [Music] [Applause] this looks like a top price and this looks a bit like the squid I got much thought and I got smelly jelly let's try the green one I hope it's a Supra this looks like a big big trappin this is [Music] I got a wrapped titled pile and this is my last these two are much more than a

different color I got fever fever and firming twin let's open these blind bags to see what's inside I hope I get good ones this little guy here is a fish this looks like a cat these are the four flu she's back up let's see what they're called this one's for flippy blowhole this one's called ball fish this one's called catfish and this one's close to education and all exclusives yay these are all night flushes that's all for today guys I hope you enjoyed this video don't forget to Like share and subscribe [Music]