21 January 2013

Skyview's Beagles Best Hunt Of The Year By Far

What a great time we had. The dogs were on and the rabbits were game. Good friends Ron Asbury, Michael Fortier, & Jed Reed. Does not get any better than ...

look little he's coming at you guys

crossair here the rabbit I think I heard it squeal you must have hit it come on guys over here money's a you got him good girl easy good girl good girl easy good girl good girl hair cooter thank you oh you're not gonna hurt that let's get ready brag but I knew it was too soon you hit your head wrong did you hit your head you call cheat no you won I call it knowing where the rabbit went you got any other beagle terms you know to use you hear betray stalking me Asbury you got to defend me a little bit I had a good job and I could shoot with you there but with Ronnie I could chew I'm not sure Ron thought he was she steals I chase knew I'd say no catch him you thought he was look here yeah I'm sure that's he's run to catch dogs no I've never heard squeals you said our cow got down down hey hey down down down break down down down losing everybody right here Brady we're dogs here here here here here here here was the water - deep water too deep okay super Benny here oh that thing up here MA I believe you shot it wrong I Lee Grahn here it is

citizen amendment yeah good job as Barry yo yeah he just they had him almost before he got across the road yeah let's go you got a bag I think I got I've got one here dogs we got the treats to take home you did good Ron's nice shot it off you guys you saw as Barry hit it didn't you did buddy hield it was hit before you shot okay great I think so ring run man on him yeah we oughta have more those heavy hands that one had win way too big Ranger didn't we get in this thing yeah you got unzip it I'm glad Asbury hit that one we have a dead rabbit cut off quiet down down down flip up bring here job Michael did you see that action Asbury they got a dead rabbit over there can't get into the dogs come on easy monies girl good girl good girl easy good girl had a girl you can't let them big old male dogs bother you can you well as they say then there were two Jed's wife cold he had to go Nancy called Ron had to go just marking odd we ended up jumping a couple more

rabbits and I hate safe but the running did smooth up a little bit who's who's the real men here today that would be myself and Mark Carter there you go you