11 June 2018


Hey guys in todays vid i did slime pet peeves.Hope u guys enjoyed the vid.Plz like subscribe and share as always be littt.

hello everybody today I'm gonna be doing

sign pepe so let's get started the first time pet peeve is when people take to them and when they do and when they take too long to make thumbnails this next time Pepe is why this drawing is not clicking I mean when the when the sign that's duck too the next time Pepe is when the sign is not stretch the next time poppy is when it this time is not clicky so next time pet peeve is when they click this time to sides with a shaking and punching the next spy pet peeve is when they is when they name this sign a different name than a big snake this so this is a very good time I call it the grass hope the lady but grasshopper in sign it's a really good name and creative name I really like the name myself come on down with us if your ponies [Music] gossip one lady was eating a little bit the ladybug grasshopper easily and there you go and that was a funny video today I hope you guys liked the video and please like subscribe and share and as always do that bye