14 December 2018

Small Service Dog Training/ How to teach laundry retrieval

After unloading my laundry i got the idea to train Rocket how to get something put of the dryer. Hope you enjoy and thanks again for all the support. Subscribe if ...

hey guys so I got the laundry out of the

dryer except for the one sock and rocket can pick up stuff off the floor and bring it to me but I've never I've never tried the dryer because I've always felt felt like he was too small so [Music] [Music] is to get him see he's checking it out now good boy to be more comfortable with it he knows where the treats are good yes yes yes oh yes yes yes yes yes yes yes wait oh good boy so you always want to end it on a good note okay ready okay ready so he does it one more he doesn't want to do it come on up up rock it excuse me go come on up up up up yes up up good boy up up oh no you want it okay rocket and just like this it's never perfect so you'll come back time after time and keep getting him to get up there this is the moment where you want to get that last one and really get a praise for him and but right now I can tell that he's starting to shut down with it so I'm going to give him a little bit of a brain break so this time I give him treats free the next thing that I'll do

is try and get him to just grab the sock bucket bring good boy bring it bring ya see and he's he's confident with grabbing the sock so letting him know that that's what you want I'm gonna give him another treat here it's small and it's getting there getting hard too I'm gonna get him to bring me that sock one more time and then call it good for the day and then I will progressively bring it more and more toward him bringing me the sock so here we go I'm gonna ask him one more time and then if he does it I'm gonna give him huge praise and the rest of this Street a pretty big chunk hey rocket ring oh wait brain yes right rocket bring be that was my bad okay work it one more time yes yay hey it's all about your tone because if they feel like it's the best thing in the world and they are getting rewarded they will want to keep doing it so that is how you teach a dog to get things out of the dryer if you're new to the channel subscribe down below hit that notification bell um so you don't miss out on any of our videos and [Music] if you're coming back and watching again thanks for all your support we really

appreciate it I'm going to try and get some more of these training videos up here it's kind of difficult because a lot of the things rocket rocket already does keep in mind he's been doing this for almost three years now so coming up with things to teach him if there was anything that you want to see comment down below let me know and I'll try and get that up there for you but I guess that's