05 September 2017

Smithtown Animal Shelter and Adoption Center Cat Presentation


so if we've been there I'm not exactly sure when but we open up about 50 60 years ago something like that and we what we do is we house obviously owner relinquished pets or stray animals that come into our facility and you know I mean our ultimate goal is to reunite these animals with their owners but if they they remained unclaimed they become ours and they go up for adoption the Animal Control offers officers they respond to all sorts of complaints from Smithtown residents so if someone calls up about a loose dog or a vicious dog stray dog stray cats and other and wildlife as well so we respond to all complaints from Smithtown residents regarding all animals we enforce the law and control laws of the township and of the department and agriculture of markets a couple years ago we implemented a TNR program for the feral cats which is a trap neuter release for the feral cat population of Smithtown so someone has wild cats in your yard that you know obviously they can't be touched it can't be handled the shelter will go over we set traps we trap them we fix them and then we release them to back where they came from just to cut down on

the population so they're not continued you know they're not constantly repopulating in your yard it doesn't take much for a few cats to turn into kontrick yes exactly you know in in about one year one one one female cat and gave birth to 25 kittens you imagine how that will boom in your yard and what is it about for months they could start having babies they can go into heat wow I'm sorry not your mama but the female cat go into heat but she's actually nursing so that's how quickly they they repopulate you know if you guys have heard but recently we've come under the purview of the town of Smithtown Department of Public Safety under their jurisdiction we've had a lot of growth positive changes at the shelter under to our chief buck John Valentine and Jim Garcia who was supervisor most important thing in my eyes anyway was we hired a shelter veterinary on dr. Zolo so she's at the facility five days a week and she takes care of all the day-to-day needs of our cats or dogs so that was actually one of the to me the most important things at the shelter the second thing they did is say harder does a dog behaviorist so you

know we have a couple of dogs that have been with us for a couple of years and now we have a behaviorist she comes in and she works with these problems that might have been prohibiting them from finding homes in the past so that's really worked out well we are going under some really positive renovations at the shelter we're gonna be getting a medical treatment room which will actually help our veterinarian you know we could do more spaying neutering for our Federals that we get in and then our animals and our own animals yes and we are also getting a larger I believe it bigger meet-and-greet room I come brand-new brand new me it's a brand new room so the meet and greet room is an area where the public can come in and interact with our our animals that are for adoption just in a out of that shelter setting it's quiet it's removed and it's so it's kind of self-contained so it's just so it's more serene and relaxing environment for the animals so it's meant to simulate what would be home for them right we are also actually we're building a dog park in the back of the building for the shelter dogs so and strictly for the shelter dogs and I

guess it's awesome so the dogs are actually going to be able to run play stretching their legs it's huge we could put two three dogs in there at a time so they could just run and play which gets a lot of that frustration also you know imagine being in the kennel day in and day out it's boring and it's frustrating so and it does contribute to some negative behaviors so then we're getting two or new dog pens as well so we're actually gonna have a giant dog park for our dogs and we're also we already have two outdoor pens but we're getting more into close to that but they're huge yeah they're very they're very big in size fights you know a puppy might look at and say oh my goodness this looks like a dog park to him so Spencer here's playing with the tags it's very cute so I mean as always be tenth adoption events to promote the shelter animals and we do have a pretty pretty large volunteer program we have some awesome volunteers they help in their endeavors whether it's with adoption events are sitting with the cats or kittens walking the dogs taking the dogs to our new dog park

so anyone interested you know stop in or give us a call and we tell you all about how to sign up as a volunteer because we're always looking for new good volunteers we actually have an event tomorrow at the st. James farmers market Christine I will be there tomorrow we're gonna have two of our dogs so if anyone's in the area and they want to meet Dinah and Sammie come come on be there I'll be there from 9:00 until 2:00 I believe and that's in the Luther that's at the Lutheran Church so today we brought with us mrs. Spencer and his mom Tracy yes so they they actually came to us as part of the bhakti in our program I was telling you about someone called said they had two cats that were wild in their yard and so we did tract them of course within five minutes we realized we had him first Spencer who's the kitten within five minutes we realized this is no wild cat obviously as he's suckling on us and playing with our eyebrows you know I mean Tracy Tracy's definitely a little on the more reserved side so we brought them in and we had him first and he you know he was happy friendly healthy kitten and so we decided we're gonna keep him and place

him up for adoption now we didn't have mom yet so we didn't quite know you know if she was gonna be friendly or not so we haven't met shelter about a week we had had done all his medical and then he just sudden I mean inexplicably he started losing weight dr. solo here was completely baffled as to why because diagnostically he was normal we were to everything we were doing so he started receiving the supportive care like fluids and vitamins and things like that and now in the meantime all this is going on we did trap mom when we had her spayed and I realized you know she's friendly I could pick her up I could hold her like a Tracy and doctors although I had this idea we did we couldn't understand why he was losing weight so I got no medical reason for it talked to solo had their this idea that you know she realized we had mom she said why don't we try putting mom in with him and see how he does well let me tell you he is a mama's boy those sooner did be pooping in she was not producing milk anymore he immediately started to suckle on her biter ears play with her feet and you

know Bill does a lobster and she loves him back so it works that's what he was eating he was missing his mom so he's just you know now he says he's a big fat happy healthy kitten so we are looking to place them together so they're very sweet as you can see we don't always have where we require that they go up very special cases but they kind of dictate it to us right that's really what they what Spencer told us yeah Spencer told us that this is the way it was going to be like it or not so we just comply because that's what were there for you know the shelter currently houses well five dogs you know but we can house up to 20 dogs and we currently have about 60 cats of kittens at the shelter we also in the past we've housed rabbits birds sneaking yeah goody paid ferrets you name it you know we are not just dogs and cats we do we handle whatever animals come our way we have roosters which you've probably heard I'm sure you guys heard them quite a bit but we have Brewster's we've had chickens peacocks you know all sorts of animals at the shelter some have any questions not even one

so we have any takers two more don't matter you too [Laughter] Spencer's about three months yes and mom is about ten years old I'm sorry she's about ten months old [Music]