21 December 2016

SPEAK OUT w/DONUT THE DOG - Minecraft VLOG - Little Baby Max

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hey guys welcome back to another awesome

vlog with myself down at the dog and they've got my brother baby backs today we are gonna play again I got this as a present for Christmas from my friend Chloe so we said we're gonna play it it's called speak out and it's gonna make it look ridiculous which should be fun for you guys and I have braces as well so don't forget that I have two braces so this is gonna really hurt me I already making excuses for losing I know you hate losing by the way as you can see in my roblox cam and I absolutely hate using okay let me know if you watched our roblox game cuz it was one of the funniest things I've ever experienced in my life it was amazing so these are the milkers yeah right do we have to talk about this at all no you just gotta go open well 16 plus well you're eight and I'm three nine so that makes 17 so we can play yeah yeah I think so okay we're hopefully over 16 yeah well million percent obviously okay so let me see this is the mouthpiece this is the farmer so I'm just gonna get the timer down to the end we're gonna get each other yeah yeah yeah baby max versus done with the dog

okay right so we need to timer here the cheater and open these okay but we're all he's gonna go for I don't know go ahead Egon yeah blue we're not to on that's great rock paper scissors to see who goes first right rock paper scissors to see who goes for okay so row on to tree are you going three oh boy everybody goes I believe in Rochambeau rock paper scissors okay rock paper scissors ah yes I got the gum fourth right so I gonna shuffle these off so we know we're gonna keep score Tony D's okay keep nails you know the real you know how to play this not really no hated one doesn't matter okay was in disturb it is no gate this has to be pointed down right so that the big honkers means it oh my days really ah exactly sure ah I'm gonna eat you catches your career oh it's ready yeah yeah and you can't say your name dang me knocks down the dog in the disease in me right hey I gotta think is that good hmm this is how yeah sure chopper you girl right you got a point if I get it right again a point okay okay so and you take a card then I

love to guess yeah yeah I'm sure with the guys at home and I'm gonna try and guess our banker no no no no I have to I'll take the car yeah he did against if you don't gasp oh yeah oh yeah yeah okay okay okay and show the guys and it looks like they're aliens are easier yeah we're try to easy force a definitely okay so to the camera I'm gonna look away okay ready okay ready yep tire okay it's up okay never wrong Lucas on what okay how does this like hey never noise now he knows good no huh yeah goodness never fly now oh my gosh this is so hard on her now I would say that that one was easy I said look easier hahaha oh yeah baby much okay okay Doniak Krypton I'm gonna die never yeah I'm lucky and this is drilling and good is time up time up Erik Dania never blow bubbles on buses what I give her eye I can see be y'all gonna make her okay my turn my turn my turn I'm gonna shout to the guys force okay when you join emoji face above your face you take don't take the top one obviously obviously no mmog face is really hurting

my gums ow huh okay I'm gonna get actually looking boy hurt they're all hard just didn't okay let me see em oh my goodness okay put your mouth you put your milk right in a little women who could ease up going okay okay okay Wow okay I'm ready to rock okay dad all right ready go huh Oh hugs hey anything you know punch hogs earth her I'm shocked see thank nasty cut right something nasty pets yeah Oh sharks make nasty cuts something makes nasty pets oh yeah good dog honks warthogs no good who's rocks head junk no aah good dogs bullfrog yeah aah 100 point baby back oh I keep up a better set it up well no probably no give me I'll take half please usually you get a card or something for that I don't know what did you say it we make up our own games all the time I look so low okay okay I have to cut the shake I need to pick an easy looking one okay that looks all right shoulder guys give me me and milky face so I can hide check that one out guys I'm doing it no you can't ha ha ha okay okay timer no milk MLP chin is the big person

to insert in this moment I don't know all the big parts are there inside the repairs on the inside ah from okay hair her teeth up oh no I get going yeah shut there you go okay okay yeah when I time ready okay timing started han cakes ah hey changeless bean pancakes up on a favorite food yeah first time yeah like it I like it oh that was quick quick wasn't it those very quick okay yes he will know okay analytically huge mouth out hurts up on okay hi baby sir hi guys is that you sir okay ready ready hi diversity oh yeah so go go go ah oh you guys could see there's I hope you guys could see this okay okay hey hi ready got it yeah okay poppy coffee honey there's coffee honey ears I got nah don't like you laugh Shafi honey ears honey sake choppy honey bears honey ears honey bears love honey happy honey ears fluffy bunny ears No get out there and we're getting one of them right yeah honey no bunny no yeah okay happy bunny ears

ears yes okay bunny ears yes happy honey is classy ah movie Chuck Chuckie town Oh floppy floppy Oh fluffy bunny it'd be actually put a few dollars in the game me and you against somebody will be great to get on with me we can do that we could do definitely do the D max again uniques team who could be taken hey I'm here yeah don't be quite good okay that goes to the bottom of the pile okay you're up yeah all right I got a good one okay close your eyes groans I'm not losing that one out oh there we go okay ready yeah well I kind of put Mel piece in her arm anything ah I have it good all right you go say good run okay go hey girlfriend hello I'm good lousy he'll doesn't love a good veggie Oh Google is mine Mel just joins I can just talk and I leave this hanging really show me hello how are you today but that's not talking doable oh no Tim would make an excuse to leave isn't it still one he's like oh okay uh-huh okay ready dirty

okay oh this is going hard see you guys okay okay okay turn turn daddy okay warthog named Luna named warthog named winner warthog name's River done warthog hub where'd you from words of a guest at the last one warthog yeah named name yes yes a student named winner named river named murderer named learner name name yes right walked out named litter Roger no Robin Richard litter hmm ray remember litter what is it Wilbur oh I put it here abjure take Wilbur no improperly ever Oh no ha neun loser exactly oh how hard it is to say that right I'm gonna get them no it's still too old yeah yeah I'll go try your final hey I don't know buddy you should be enough pictum I'm just taking rather than be taking them I will just pop handy when randomly then solo could just hand me that one right there okay shelter the guys I got it okay you ready yeah ready let's do it no peace in a little run okay timing started go rings calling off our own leaves falling off a rose no wings yet that's he's gonna go wings falling off a rose Oh Ling Ling Ling please looms

closed loops now loops up Ling Ling's needs glue shook falling over roads yeah hurry up ah pickles bottle kinda Ling Ling's calling a heart link follow the road save you get quick mmm looms yeah blows lips still you're sticking your hand right over right your legs put your garden like lucky I'll run around the time okay guys forget the jargon as you know watching and everything I'm sneaking the other hand can cuz he didn't it looks time but hit is too long I don't wanna forget serious in the little cup yeah you guys pick who you want to see