23 August 2016

SpotTheScotts: Boarding the Dog, Visit to Pictured Rocks & A Geocache!~RV Life! {#349}

We board Lucy at a nice little place in Munising, which just so happens to be where the visitor's center for Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is! So, naturally ...


place is the finger I swear on me we're here at rough-and-ready boarding in I believe it said munising Michigan this is where we're going to be dropping off Lucy for a few days with her antibiotics she's just being too often and we wouldn't be able to go to pictured rocks or Mac and act island and those are the some of the main things we wanted to do on this trip so we're gonna be boarding her um tuesday through saturday so that we can do some of those things and this is the cool little place we found I had room for her um this is the last day in her cone we're gonna take her cone off when she goes in here because she's all done with her ointment she's just still on the antibiotics so um we hate to do that we hate to leave her here but otherwise it's just no good for anybody so we're hoping that she'll do well here and we could pick her back up in a few days and we will be finally able to go do some of these all day things that we've been waiting to do since we got here so i will give you a report later and i thank you guys for following along by an old we are at the Visitor Center for picture the rocks national lakeshore yes I think

pictured rocks national lakeshore in case you don't understand his weird accent um we're gonna just kind of get like the beginning part out of the way today so we're gonna quick recon do the visitor center thing stamp our passports check out the store and then get like maps and brochures and stuff and take a drive around the park that way when we go for our longer day we've already taken care of already know we're getting into and then it's a meal planning a grocery shopping day yeah mom but it has to be done it has to be there like out out out of food like yeah out and the nearest walmart still like another 35 minutes yeah west like and I need prescriptions so it has to be Walmart otherwise she gets mad so but the kids are here with us we're proof kids we found him right here no one runs away I'm on camera so we're gonna go check it out all right enjoy yes I'll get it he knew then there's Grand Island how often pictured rock definitely got a good picture rock where did you get that one already this one is oh this is what de Leon oops oh wait no one is pictured rocks I think you should just do pictured rocks and they're

awesome because that's what we are although I would do that with you something these are all the Iowans and you get we go out there Grand Island I'll sable are they from the kayaking tour this is the white station hospital white station is the Grand Island recreation area this is the pictured rocks meet national lakeshore we're gonna do that one yep that's how I feel sure Boris okay so it also says pictured rocks okay and this is 50 years of picture yep no this is the North Country national scenic trail Michigan but don't overdo in that one yeah okay yes you know what half star that's for free it's for me and I'm create toys day lady and that is one of the stamps that's here we're good we should probably put that and I like house if we're going yeah bring that boy and will will be sure we get stuck down at some pioneer I'm sorry sideways huh oh yeah it's the only way Thank there what I didn't know it was that small hoping we're about to find a picnic spot down this road is lunch time in the Scott car just just just just just hungry oh my god yes it's gonna be pretty I can see Lake I can see the lake

over there here's a picnic tape when there's a bigger table okay let's make this picnic thing happen people okay make the picnic thing happen window wow this looks like a nice spot to have a picnic beautiful how our little shutter bugs gotta get a picture what's that you got there easy nikon Jay won't have it you'll wow how is that pretty oh yes my otha they're elusive those little bugs miles that is beautiful definitely not the worst place I've ever had a picnic there we go okay we're good yes what are we looking for easy can't hear you honey we're looking for a geocache in case you couldn't hear it's really pretty out there close are we to it that's your birthday hey JP 18 feet mind if you look for the hint on this one from where the water flows I'll see maybe it is in there that's what I was thinking who is right up here where we were looking in the first place she was in a magnetic key box right under here finally someone besides racing found one Oh