16 May 2015

St. Louis Presents: TheTraveler Protection Agency and Animal Care

Keep your pets safe when you take them out with you this summer with some great tips from Animal Care and Control. And learn more about The Travelers ...

welcome to an all new episode of st.

Louis presents and Debbie I've got two questions for you okay do you like to travel and do you believe in safety of course and yes you've been anywhere this summer by the way not yet but I'm heading to California well be safe the reason I bring all that up is that's a little bit later we're going to be talking to a representative from a group that had never heard of called the travelers Protective Association and it's been around for like way more than than a hundred years and the table all kind of safety issues are having the past anyway like the Federal Department of Safety they had something to do with creating that and I want to find out more about it absolutely well we will do that also if you're heading on vacation of course you have to think about what to do with the pets and the pets would like to get out and enjoy the summer as well you don't take them with you know our our dog goes to one of those places and hangs out with her friends for a week or so what are we gonna meet a four-legged friend today well we're gonna have a four-legged friend and we're gonna talk about safety for pets as well and some things to keep in mind

as we head through another hot st. Louis summer so stick around because we have all that and more coming up next on st. Louis presents you well we have had some beautiful weather and if you're like most you've been trying to take advantage of that and spending more time outside but if you plan on taking your four-legged friend out with you you'll want to hear some of these great tips to keep your pets safe from Animal Care and Control and joining us right now is officer and Vincent and you brought with you another friend who's this this is Armani he is a one and a half year old terrier mix oh when he's so sweet UK i'm not sure people can see him from behind the table oh there's his little head there he is he's very sweet and he likes his treats now this is an interesting leash one of the things that you were mentioning to me was retractable leashes which I have a traditional leash for my dog but i also have a retractable what's the problem with retractable leashes well the one concern that we have with retractable leashes is if a dog sees a squirrel or another pet they can typically run

pretty quickly off of that leash and if it's not locked there's no real way to reel them in so to speak so we would just want to make sure that any contact that your pet would have with another pet would be safe and you know not a lot of pets enjoy having a friend run up on them quickly so we just wanna make sure that everyone if they are using their retractable leash that they are keeping it in a locked position and aware of the things that are going on around them yeah even the best trained pet upon seeing a squirrel you're licking my toe that tickles sweetie it can dash off when they my dog would take chasing the squirrel over a hot dog or something any day so hmm people like to let their dogs run and I have a dog who loves to run but not a good idea no it's really i mean it's it's a beautiful summer day and we want to let our dogs stretch their legs but they do need to be on a leash for a multitude of reasons one being of course the safety of your pet having an animal roam the area can cause unwanted litters can cause interactions with other animals that could be a danger and can cause an aggressive tendency your animal could become

injured and obviously if they were to approach a person who gets spooked we don't want any bites to occur either you know st. Louis is a very busy traffic area so we don't want anyone being hit by a car either so obviously we would want to encourage everyone to keep their pet on a leash there are dog parks in the st. Louis City area that you can become a member of but realistically the keeping them on a leash is going to be the safest bet I am always a little unclear what to do when I see for example the yesterday I was driving home and in my neighborhood just do do doot this dog walking down the street and I looked around where is the dogs person and I didn't see anyone and I never really quite sure what to do in that case if the dog knows where it's going and is just heading home because it seems like our neighborhood facebook page has turned into this you know every day it's like whose dog is this I saw this dog on the corner it's become whose dog is this case sure which is which is great we also want to encourage citizens to utilize the citizens service bureau the phone numbers 31 462 248 00 they can report any strays that they've seen in

the area if an animal is injured or appears ill and of course if they've seen any violations of city ordinances they could also report that to the citizens service bureau it probably also helps my dog is microchipped and fortunately we've never had to be in a situation where we needed her to be identified but is that if your dog isn't microchipped already is that a difficult thing to get done and is that a better idea than just a tag on a collar we would want you to do both because with the microchip it's it's done like a vaccination if you've ever seen the vaccination performed at the veterinarian it's done in the same manner very quick painful or painless excuse me and it's a best way to be able should your animal get lost for you to be reunited the tag is it yet another second identification your rabies tag that's issued through the city has a number that is specific to your pet and then of course anytime you go to a pet store they have those name tag makers that you can do as well all of those will help get your animal back to you efficiently we actually at st. Louis City Animal Care

and Control were able to reunite an owner after seven years of lobbying missing because of a microchip that was still registered to the proper address so always make sure if you are microchipping that you're keeping your registration information correct good to know well this little sweetie Armani could use a home so if you're looking to adopt this summer or looking for tips on safety for your dog and st. Louis City Animal Care and Control or call the citizens service bureau if you see an issue of a dog running around or or needing some sort of help so those are the numbers and the website and the information on our screen there and we're going to toss it over right now to see Potter who has even more information for us take it away Steve thanks Debbie great rivers Greenway in the city of st. Louis have just wrapped up phase three of bike st. Louis there's now network of 100 miles of street routes for bicycles in the city of st. Louis that will take you to work school parks neighborhoods and other attractions across our city the latest phase includes an addition of 40 miles of street routes in st. Louis City as well as upgrades to 60 miles of

the existing network visit bike st. Louis org for more information the Department of Health is releasing a report on obesity rates in the city of st. Louis the findings from this report will set the benchmark for the meeting mayor sleighs goal for meeting his goal of reducing obesity by five percent by 2018 the full report is available on the city's website the Department of Health will continue its work to reduce obesity and obesity-related illnesses through the city's obesity prevention partnership the heel healthy eating active living partnership check out he'll partnership on facebook to learn more about that and the st. Louis Public Library summer annual Reading Club is under way that's through july twenty fifth and kids teens adults and groups can read for a chance to win great prizes this year's theme is superheroes and real-life heroes prizes include tickets to the magic house missouri botanical a cardinals game and more for more information about the program or to register visit slpl org or call 314 5390 384 and Debbie I don't know do you have a favorite superhero end of this but I'm

a little tired of superheroes all time you turn around there's a new superhero movie out so I'm sorry to hear that because I do have a Superman t-shirt at all that I wear sometimes if that gives you any idea where I'm coming from you're a Superman guy right my son's favorite is spider-man is it anything needs Super Heroes all over the house well these folks could be superheroes the travelers Protective Association of America they are dedicated to improving the quality of life of their members their families and the communities we live in and they also have a scholarship test for the hearing impaired and the Chad sticker program we're going to hear about that that's just a few of the ways that they help them things that they do we want to welcome now the chief administrative officer Alberta shoemaker I Albert welcome to the show well great thanks for having me and I was surprised that this organization has been around i think wet since 1890 i'd never heard about it before but you've done quite a lot over those years yes um this is our 125th year so we have been around for quite a while we've had some tremendous programs and as you said we try to help

people in their communities and I think that it's interesting because at the top it's insurance and but it's also about safety and about helping make things safer on the roads and with kids we were talking about for example the Chad program which people may not be familiar with I know I was not but it seems brilliant and definitely a need that needed to be filled what is it well the Chad program it was named after a little boy named Chad and he was in a vehicle and it was in Iraq and babysitter died and they took the little boy to the hospital but nobody knew who he was so he couldn't be treated so what we did was we took the program over from the Illinois Department of Transportation because it was too costly and we've turned it into a national program so now you can put a sticker on your child's car seat if they're ever in an accident they're immediately identified so and you've done a lot of things like that over the years I mentioned the federal safety administration I think your organization had something to do with in the early days of getting that started you something to do with putting the center

lanes down the middle of roads with bicycle safety and cross what safety and things like that yes that's true we had lobbied for legislation to get the center line in the road another benefit that you probably enjoyed that probably weren't aware of is if you've ever been in a hotel we've allowed me to make sure that after each guest came in the sheets were changed so diabla so that wasn't just common knowledge let's change the sheet i want to thank you for them thank you so much so when we talk about the center line in the middle of the road at one point we had no center line it was just a free-for-all or what well I wasn't around back in the eighteen but yes we did lobby for that that isn't me so it seems like your reach is very broad but when you're talking about safety issues oh yes absolutely we have watched a child campaign we go into schools we try to give away vest we have a hundred and fifty three posts throughout the nation we're licensed in 29 states to sell the accident policy to our members so yes we do have a big reach your honor it brings the mind is that safety is something we take for granted and maybe safety is something we

should think about a little more yes and that's what we try to do we try to you know make people aware and give them tips I love that you also have a program where you train and help crossing guards I remember I was a crossing guard in fifth grade it was really no training they just said okay go stand out there and help the kids cross the street which is probably not the most effective way to teach a kid how to be a crossing guard right right and we have the programs and we have some great volunteers and without the volunteers that we have we wouldn't be the organization that we are today so what's the deal on the scholarships that you offer can you explain that sure um we TPA the parent company we have two different charitable arms and one of as a scholarship trust for the hearing impaired so if somebody has an impairment and they have a need if they're under privileged or they meet the guidelines for their income you can contact us fill out an application and we allow people this is our 40th year anniversary and we've helped over forty nine hundred people and give it away over 2 million dollars that's fantastic

and they can use that scholarship money to go to any school of their choice or dwelt them with it actually goes to them but they have to have a medical needs so we can help get people hearing aids we can get FM amplifiers we can get them in to help pay for their books or their special hearing books or programs that they go to so we try to help as many people as we can and maybe I'm a little confused but do you have do you have something to do with the providing insurance for people to we do that that is a job as her name suggests we're about protection so when you become a member of TPA you get 24 hour accident insurance coverage on and off the job and how can people get more information what's the best place to go if they want to learn more about any of the things we've talked about today the best thing to do would be go out to our website we have two websites one for TPA wwtp HQ org and for people who want to donate online to our safety programs you can do so through our website and if you want to apply for an application for the scholarship trust or donate to the scholarship trust you can go out to our website at wowt.com we are talking about

the center line so I've got a closing bit of advice you stay to the right side of it oh great okay we're not in Britain well I think it's fantastic the travelers Protective Association of America since 1890 based in st. Louis and right now st. Charles so definitely a Missouri original thank you for sharing more information about the company on your programs we appreciate it great thanks for having me on we want to thank our guests and of course everyone at home for watching absolutely we hope you enjoyed this episode of st. Louis presents and see you next time be safe