27 June 2012

Stair Climbers for Disabled -- Buy Stair Climbers from Ame

http://youtu.be/XQidFpvzaU8 Stair climbers for disabled -- AmeriGlide manufactures residential stair lifts and commercial stair lifts for the disabled and the ...

do not move the stair climber with the

passenger on board before thoroughly reading the owner's manual and completing all operations described in the section attaching a wheelchair to the stair climber the easy to operate Amerigo IDE wheelchair stair climber will quickly transport wheelchair-bound individuals up and down flights of stairs once the key is inserted it's operated by three buttons located on the control panel the descent push button is used for moving the unit forward and descending downstairs the s end push button is used for moving the unit backwards or ascending upstairs the emergency stop button immediately stops all movement of the unit the unit will not run if the emergency stop button is pushed in attaching a wheelchair to the stair climber is quick and easy simply lock the wheelchair brake and use the push buttons on the control panel to move the stair climber under the wheelchair to release the steering bar post lift the red plastic safety cover and push the red pedal underneath to release push the post towards the wheelchair push in the vertical height knob and slide the cross bar up until it's under the wheelchairs hand grips

loosen each safety clamp by turning it counterclockwise slide it horizontally until it's snug against the wheelchair vertical back support posts lift each safety clamp piston swing the metal hook into the wheelchairs arm and release the safety clamp piston to ensure the hook will not open [Music] move the steering bar post back into the locked position push down on the red plastic safety protective cover by foot to complete the locking operation if the cover isn't fully closed the stair climber will not operate always be sure to hold the steering bar firmly with both hands whether on stairs or on a level floor maneuver the stair climber to the leading edge of the staircase to perform a descent or innocent make sure it's perpendicular to the stairs press the descent push button until the stop sticker is parallel to the edge of the first stair release the button to stop the unit and then tilt the stair climber forward until it lies on the stairs now press the descent push button again and travel down the stairs while holding the steering bar firmly with both hands

we recommend using the stair climber without a patient until you are comfortable with its operation [Music] you [Music] when the stair climber reaches the end of the flight it automatically levels out if this is your destination guide the stair climber away from the stairs and release the wheelchair as described in the section passenger release in the owners manual for ascending guide the machine to the edge of the first stair and press the ascend push button while firmly holding the steering bar with both hands [Music] travel up the stairs until the stair climber reaches the last stair [Music] to remove the patient from the stair climber lifts the red plastic safety protective cover release the red pedal and push the steering bar forward until the wheelchair touches the floor pull up on the safety clamp Pistons and unhook the orange levers lower the steering bar and reattach it to the chassis lock the steering bar back into place and move it

away from the wheelchair when used properly the Amerigo I'd wheelchair stair climber is an excellent solution for moving wheelchair users up and down stairs [Music]