29 June 2015


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we are just so impressed with Starbucks

and the people who design them the inside of their building I mean look at this they put a headrest for circus dogs you can always try mushy peas good morning and when we say morning Ramin morning we're just having our coffee early this morning anymore awesome and no we are not going on a fancy vacation this morning we are catching an early flight out of Boston I've been up since 4:00 I've been up since 5:00 for tea oh boy so we were like why fight it let's just get up yeah so we ate cereal and now we're drinking coffee and we're gonna get he's not so sure about waking up yet though we're gonna be able to go to morning church morning church I'm so excited yeah so good morning guys good morning so we're planning to head up to the North Shore where we used to live and go to the church we are part of up there so we haven't been able to do that since we're not living in the North Shore and they're not sure anymore so since we're up so early we're like let's make the trip up there and go to church and so we showered and we're getting ready and

then Mary throw up well she was coughing and then threw up cheeks are so pink she got overheated yeah which is doing her best and we're making the most of our morning we did it a little bit better my lungs just say I mean we didn't sleep very many hours we were going to bed and we both didn't sleep well and then we woke up really early so my love shouldn't be that bad because resting for that long maybe that's it maybe they did for us whatever we're on our way and I am thankful and Peter's driving because it's real so remember we told you guys about the how we lived on the water with an older man while we're driving through that town right now and we're just like going through memory lane like these were our streets over there and get a $5 dollars yeah hi guys we finished at church which was awesome and we're still on the North Shore so we are gonna go get some fried seafood I was having a craving for some fried shrimp so we are in a little

restaurant when we were first looking into moving into the North Shore we visited this town and we came to this exact restaurant and just fell in love with the people and thought I think this could be home so that was in 2011 so we're gonna eat some fried shrimp and see what else we do today I don't know what do you think we should do today Ollie I just took all his gear off so he'd have a little break food ruse I feel good he has so much extra skin look at that around his neck especially look at that it's crazy um did you guys see the slo-mo when he was shaking out by the pool he was shaking the water off and in slow-mo you can see his extra neck skin it was so crazy looking you're cute ollie boy it was so darling there was this little boy who we've known for years but through this church and he came over and saw Ollie and like led him around I kind of let Ollie take a break after church so people could see him and stuff and it was so cute hey guys we are on our way home from church and the traffic is pretty bad so we decided to stop and get some coffee

at Starbucks and look at this we are just so impressed with Starbucks and the people who design them the inside of their building I mean look at this they put a headrest for service dogs sometimes he just looks extra extra cute oh he's like falling asleep he tired all the boy you you're gonna eat your dinner there it is Polly he's going to eat your dinner Peter majored in time to brush your teeth this probably does Holly is captain peanut that's what he is when he was wearing his cape because he's kind of peanut pillow really he's an app or table you see that apricot or Africa I feel like I always said apricot but then whenever I refer to Ollie I say apricot that's weird is that weird Ollie what do you like to be called I like to be called all of our okay okay buddy ready for bed means sleep yeah well we didn't get much sleep last night because we were just Restless but it was really great to go to church this morning up on the North Shore where we used to go to church and saw a lot of our friends and it was a good morning but I was exhausted I got like two hours

of sleep last night so I took a 1 hour nap this afternoon Mary hasn't slept at all so I had a really bad headache like most of the afternoon it went away for a little bit and then it came back so once my headache went away I did my vest right away and yeah cuz when my head hurts coughing or doing my best or anything like that it's not really doable so thankfully away I mean just so you don't venture back while your dinners cause he everybody we are headed back to Maryland tomorrow to visit our families we're going for the 4th of July holiday and say it for a week or so and it was just our moms birthdays yeah in this crazy Mary's mom's and my mom's birthday's are back-to-back so my mom's birthday was on the 24th him her mom's birthday was on the 25th so happy birthday mom's and we're excited to come see them related birthday hugs you know and Ollie will give it a birthday love hmm what do you think like what are you thinking about like for real what do dogs think what do dogs think the dogs think real thoughts human thoughts or just emotions or do you think about food think about special

chicken treats I don't know what he thinks but I do know that he is a tremendous blessing to us and a great helper for Mary and I'm so thankful for I'm like we just got up he was like dead asleep on the bed and we just got up to come brush our teeth in your bed like we get like five steps out of the bedroom and he's right by Mary side and I was just like oh I'm gonna try to pick him up like a baby okay big baby baby oh oh taller baby oh baby babies all done y'all done oh all right guys Kimmy Kimmy call me Oh you in your stretch Oh thank you guys so much for all of your embarrassing stories it's been hilarious to read them and empathize with you and oh look at this so yes a couple days ago we the vlog titled most embarrassing moments we asked you guys to leave a comment and tell your most embarrassing moment and we need to pick a winner for the main giveaway so let's go look at those names and we will pick a winner we're gonna scroll through okay random do random alright here we go okay so what we're gonna do is well do the same thing we have done for other giveaways it'll be a random choice

scroll Scroll scroll and whoever's name is at the top of the page that's who's getting the minion if it's a viable comment yeah if it was an embarrassing story okay ready oh here we go I'll just scroll up okay a random scroll and that's who oh okay here we go all the way down and then okay let's see you is at the top let's let it focus my doodle my I know your real name hold on I think it's Taylor Oh Taylor hold on I have another Taylor winner of a giveaway we found it and my memory served me well Taylor congratulations Taylor you can send us a we'll send you a personal message and you can send us your address a minion congratulations and thank you all of you for leaving your embarrassing comments and all we have to say is it's okay buddy and way to go for you guys encouraging each other and saying it's okay yeah I'll have this that's okay yeah and wrap it up like a present on the fourth of July we always say this um this line from The Little Rascals movie you make me melt like a popsicle on the fourth of July I love that movie in the schools in the part where they're in the light carnival and

the little kids are standing there going papal we need your money yeah that's awesome ah my favorite is I got pickle I got pickle hey hey hey hey that's a very quotable movie yeah that's a really good mood oh yeah so well about we are gonna get we're gonna get credit and app if you like this video give it a thumbs up and we will see you tomorrow see you guys tomorrow good night