19 April 2019

StockX MKT Watch: On Air Arrives, Supreme JPG Gains, And Dog Walkers Get High

On this week's episode of StockX MKT Watch, we take a look at the varied results of Nike's On-Air collection, Crimson Tint dominance, and the great Supreme ...

- On-Air arrives, Supreme JPG Gains,

and Dog Walker's get high. This, is StockX MKT Watch. (energetic hiphop music) We start in sneakers where we went International last weekend with the On-Air collection. Nike invited six different designers in six different cities to reinterpret classic Air Max Silhouettes. The public voted on their favorite and Nike produced the winning designs. Everyone loved it. Price premiums for the collection were all over the map. With the Shanghai Kaleidoscope Air Max 97 flipping for 150% above retail. While the Air Max 97 La Mezcla and the Vapormax Paris Work In Progress, resold at or even below retail. And sales volumes varied too, with the Neon Seoul, Air Max 97 and the Tokyo Maze Air Max 1 moving well over 1,000 pairs each, while the Vapormax and the Summer of Love 97's, sold only a few hundred. Now either way the collection was a big hit amongst all in the sneaker community, meaning we're probably getting 45 custom Air Max's this time next year. Meanwhile, Jordan 1 came storming back on the StockX Excel charts for a dub, like the Clippers at Oracle, Monday night.

♪ Shout out my guy Lou Will ♪ ♪ Six' smell like Lou Will ♪ JumpMan jumped the clean and pink Crimson Tint late last week, which seemed to be hit for all ages. We've sold over 5,000 pairs of both the adult and grade-school sizes. With the smallest size Jordans fetching price premiums of 60% twice as high as the adults. But this continues a long trend of grade-school Jordan Profits. We've seen it in the Pine Green Men, The Turbo Green Highs and now the Crimson Tints. In all three cases the grade-school sizes are twice as hot. So shout out to all the half size hype-beasts out there with the little feet, we see you little players. (energetic hiphop music) Four our MKT Mover this week, we're taking a look at Kylie Jenner's hubby who has had the magic touch when it comes to JumpMan collabs. With his Ultra-High Jordan 1 collabs dropping in just a couple of weeks, it seems the anticipation is flowing over for all things Travis. Including his Cactus Jack Jordan 4's and Sail Air Force 1's. The Cactus Jack 4's have gained over $150.00 in resale value over the past six months. While the Sail Air Force 1's have almost doubled in value over that same time.

Jumping from $300 to over $500 a pair! Meaning Travis is staying true to his name with collabs and keeping things La Flame! Is it in the, is it La Flame? (scoffs) To the streets! (energetic hiphop music) This week in streetwear it's the debate of a century. What makes a Box Logo, a Box Logo? Last week Supreme dropped its musch anticipated collab with JPG, like Oberon Forney, Supreme's bringing the french connection to the streets. But by Thursday afternoon a great debate was raging. Are these tee's genuine Box Logos, or is it just a tee-shirt with a Box Logo on it? Now we've seen persuasive arguments on both sides, but what does the data say? Now typically Box Logo tee's hit the market reselling at anywhere between 500 and 1,000% above retail. Like the Cardi Bansum Box Logo and Brooklyn Box Logo, and then there are Box Logo imitators like the North Face metallic tee, which started out reselling at 150% above retail. So in all of this where does the JPG tee stand? Well according to the data it's much closer to the North Face metallic then the genuine articles with release week price premiums of 200% for the white JPG tee and around 170% for the black. Final verdict the voice said Yanny, the dress was gold. A hotdog is not a sandwich, and this thing is not a Box Logo.

Tune in next week were we settle the next profile debate. Straws, do they have one hole or two? Think about it. To the week ahead! (energetic hiphop music) The Nike Marathon continues and will never stop. That's why you can look forward to three new Nike releases this week, first we get a taste of the new Nike Adapt BB with the future of the game, and we're finally getting Sacai Blazers dropping Friday 4/19 supposedly. On Saturday sneaker-heads can spark one up for the holiday with the highly anticipated Nike SB Dog Walker's on 4/20. As for streetware Supreme dropped some fire fresh off the engines with a collab with Hot Wheels. Giving us toys, Raider beanies, and crew necks. Plus, Palace is set to drop their last collection for this season, so get that bank ready to cash out like Russell Wilson on Friday. And be sure to check out our latest addition to our Streetware Marketplace. The much beloved Bearbrick figures from MediCom Toys are available in sizes and designs, everything you can possibly imagine. So be sure to cop now. Shout out also to this weeks MKT Watch comment of the week winner, Mr. Shawn Hodge. Shawn, we're cool and all but I don't think I look like Rashad Evans but you and me can most definitely get it in, in the Octagon.

Five rounds, you only gonna last one. Sike, nah, (laughing) man, enjoy your StockX credit. And look y'all, that's all for this week, for more StockX MKT Insights like and subscribe to us here, follow StockX on Instagram and Twitter. And if you plan to cop any of this heat that we speak this weekend let us know what in the comments below. We'll be sure to show you some love. (energetic hiphop music) (music drowns out his speech)