06 August 2010

STOP your puppy BITING - puppy dog training

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how to stop puppies mouthing and biting

as with any problem behavior teacher puppy what you do want him to do instead of biting dogs use their mouths to interact with their environment so it is normal for a puppy to want to bite your hands or clothes however in our society it is highly inappropriate to train a puppy to stop using their mouth when interacting with humans is simple all you have to do is set up training scenarios where your puppy would normally start biting and train an alternate response calmly sitting lying down standing or walking with a closed mouth first you would start with the least arousing game so simply just a reaching hand as you reach click or say yes and then feed a treat as the puppy is successful you can progress to more and more arousing stimulus I'm gonna touch her and click and feed that's when she actually got you know she opened her mouth on my hand but what I want to teach her is that a reaching pan that doesn't mean just open your mouth and and take it into your mouth it means the predictor that your cheats gonna happen so hopefully she'll catch on that action is not a stimulating action it just

critics and it's treating you're petting doesn't mean outside of that it so hands on you people's picking your treat and the first you're gonna start off doing it very slowly you don't want to get too excited and do it you know people are gonna do you wanna start just touch the street and you have to make sure you know the clicker is a shoe ladder or you just keep in touch because you make a scary noise [Laughter] another thing you can do is do all the things that you don't usually but the line engine fight perhaps if I didn't have treats and have the clicker right now and I stopped I feel like that you know I could go after my shoes and want to chew on them so I'm gonna do the thing that's the stimulus for it you know they're biting and put the dog free being working for the street just standing Foley now I said awkward about my shoes you I would say whoops that was too much I'm just gonna go to doing step in front of the dog maybe I can't borrow the leash because I know she really wants the

leash if your puppies getting too excited by this game stop and try again later when the puppy is calmer you can also use a lower level of reinforcement if your puppy is too excited about the food as well as watching my video before you start training with food the great thing about conditioning handling to be calming and reinforcing rather than exciting and arousing is that you can use handling in the future to calm your puppy down when he's too excited or even as an adult dog if your dog is fearful or reactive of something you can use handling to communicate and tell them everything's fine and calm them down Here I am demoing an appropriate way to pet your dog you should respect your dog and stop guests from doing invasive petting as well as over arousing petting you should not allow your dog to be manhandled or petted roughly petting should not only be rewarding for the human but for the dog as well however at some point in your dog's life someone might get to your dog before you can stop them and be overly rough you can prepare your dog for these situations by playing training games but when these

situations do occur in real life respect your dog and get them out of the stressful situation do practice handling exercises for grooming as well as vet visits regularly so you probably did you know touching equals cheese knife is threatening more exciting things like and that doesn't mean turn around and go for me right squeezing these claws treat the thing the lips check this teeth oh he's really good is this the same dog yeah he has changed a lot will now we have a lot more time to focus on what kids might doing out now put the hook the iRacing not actually put eyes but you know mess with them yeah but there's no noise look at this pause guess you're very good with this because that's what people do they rub them like this and pat their ribs right and that just means you know the humans doing really arousing stuff and you don't get to do much simply there sadly that's what happens here are some tips these exercises should only be done by adults as children can actually teach dogs to find mouthing and biting fun if you want to work with your child as a distraction

have your puppy on leash while you control all interactions making sure to end the game if the puppy gets too aroused children under the age of five should never be left alone with a dog or encouraged to interact with their pet dogs as they cannot control how rough they are and can make your dog learn to not like children as well as it being unsafe for the child put your puppy on leash and tether him to a door so that you can escape him if you make a mistake by progressing too quickly and elicit mouthing if your puppy starts mouthing you during the training games it means you've gone too far too quickly go back a step and make the game easier make sure your puppy can always back away from you so they don't feel trapped or Forrest when being handled this is because they could start learning to bite out of fear or stress if you have an adult dog or adolescent dog that is mouthy watch my handling shyness video if you must roughhouse with your dog have a structured game where you hold a toy in each hand that the dog can bite never allow your dog to bite your hands when playing if you feel teeth the game ends always have a cue to start and end

the game and never reinforced the dog for starting the game on his own what to do if your puppy bites you outside of a training session every time a puppy is reinforced for putting teeth on human skin a bite reinforcement history is being created take mouthing seriously and make sure you do not reinforce it ignoring biting is a bad idea because it is self reinforcing there are many ways to stop biting from being reinforced so use your judgment as to which technique works best for your puppy to lower his arousal one interrupt and redirect call your puppy away from the person being bitten pop-up puppy and redirect him to a toy or something more appropriate you can also interrupt a bite by simulating the yaw of another puppy but this can actually have the reverse effect on some puppies and make them want to bite you more so use your common sense to remove your attention stand up and withdraw your hands if the puppy is biting them resume when the puppy has come you can also step over a baby gate to prevent interactions until the puppy calms down 3 calmly pick the puppy up and hold him in a way that his teeth do

not reach your skin until he has calmed down you can offer calming signals like yawning and blinking to help him calm down in no way should you do this in a vindictive or threatening manner as you want to train your dog to trust you and find being restrained calming and reinforcing see my video on puppy restraints coming soon 5 youth prevention if you know your puppy always fights in certain situations set those situations up as training games first if your puppy always bites your feet when you go up the stairs click the puppy as you approach the stairs and click and treat as you go up for the absence of bites give your puppy a chew or take the puppy for a walk before his witching hour begins rather than trying to work through it at no time will you be positively punishing your dog for biting as that can cause the dog to become more aroused you will simply be removing the reinforcement of the puppy continuing biting while you train an alternate response spending time on handling exercises in teaching default calm behaviors like a settle will increase your puppy's ability to

cope with exciting situations and help him make the correct choices