06 April 2017

Story: I was walking my dog and...

Don't worry, nothing bad happened. It was actually pretty cool and exciting. I tried some new editing effects. Do you like it? Okay okay so when I said I can get ...

hey Pam so I have a real quick story

something really cool and funny he just happened I was walking my dog I just had dinner and I decided ok it's still light enough to go for a walk and it's not that cold so we took a walk we were a few streets away from my house about three streets that way and I look and I see this dog and it's not on a leash there is no person in sight it's just a dog walking down the sidewalk in front of a house the dog kind of looked like a sort of mix between a Corgi and a Shiba or a Labrador it was kind of like a big Corgi with longer legs I don't know if you can picture that and I just stopped and is this dog lost do I need to call for help so I just stand there and I start talking to the dog as if it can respond excuse me dog um do you live around here is your owner nearby are you los did you get out what's your situation so I wait a good like thirty seconds just standing there looking around to see if an owner comes out the door like oh my gosh how'd you get out get back here and no one's coming out and claiming this dog so I'm just thinking I've never seen this dog it's not familiar to me what if it doesn't live around here so I grabbed my

dog on the leash and like make the leash short so I can really get a control and I look both ways across the street slowly saying hey dog can I just check your collar to see if you're from around here when my dog gets very excited around other dogs so he starts pulling and kind of yipping and barking because he's just so excited oh my gosh it's another dog I like hold out my hand to the dog and let him sniff me and keep my dog behind me I just you know gently put it on the head and say hi puppy and I just reach underneath his neck to look at his collar and it says hello my name is rusty and I'm like hi rusty and then I turn it over to the other side and then the dog pulls away and the colour is on very loose and it just slips right off his head so I'm just standing like this is not good if this dog gets away from me and I just have a collar and I show up to their house with just a collar hi um this was on your dog and it was very loose and it just came off I'm sorry I turn it over and it has phone numbers no address so I don't know if this dogs from around here I just stand there and kind of look around like it's anyone else witnessing

this if anyone else was witnessing this they were probably laughing because what are the odds of that happening you go to check a dog's collar see if he's around here from around here and the collar slips off and the dog starts kind of like backing up and like just doing dog things sniffing wagging his tail so I just kind of look around keep talking to the dog excuse me dog can you come back here so I can put this on your head and he kind of comes back so I kind of just hey puppy no no no hold still let me get this back on and I'm just looking around like please tell me someone is witnessing this and someone can help me please at this point the door opens the house that we're standing in front of and a man comes out and I'm like is this your dog and I'm like please let it be his dog or at least tell me he knows where this dog lives and he's like oh yeah that's my dog rusty and I'm like oh thank goodness this would have been so much worse if you didn't know this dog either so yeah I'm like did he get out or oh no no he's allowed out all the time he goes out in front all the time and I'm like thinking to myself there are cars and

what at first of all when I was looking across the street there was a car coming and the dog made eye contact with my dog and I was scared that he was gonna try to run over and uh-huh and I said oh thank goodness thank goodness it's your dog and I'm glad everything turned out okay so uh yeah the owner takes rusty back in the house and all is well and then later on my walk I'm walking down my street towards home and I see a cat if you know me um any cat I see I will try to approach it and go here cat and I will try to pet the cat and I've done it several times with my dog and pretty much every single time I can get the cat to come to me even with the dog so I do my thing I put the dog on a very short leash and just like tuck him behind me and say hey cat come here cat I know I got him it's okay come here cat come come let me pet you so it goes under the bush and it takes some time but you got to be patient I've done this many times and I know this is probably gonna work so I just like you know tap the ground scratch the ground come here cat and eventually the cat leg comes out and sniffs my hand and like rubs my hand you know where they you know show their

affection and I'm like I got it so I'm just petting the cat and it feels so good because I've never seen this cat before so I get to pet a new cat it was kind of that gray Brown slash black type cat but it had like um I knew it was a different cat because it had like a fluffier face kind of looked like a bobcat almost kind of ish its fur was kind of rough not the softest cat I've ever petted and I have pet some pretty soft cats and the fur wasn't very like um smooth it was kind of I don't know greasy but still ten out of ten cat that's a good cat two exciting experiences on my walk today if you watch this video thanks I hope you enjoyed that story I hope you're doing well stay happy stay healthy stay hydrated I hope you're getting enough sleep I hope you're doing well in school if you are in school feel free to check out my music channel I'm a musician too so um if you'd like you can go check out my music channel the track of the vlog for this vlog um if you don't know what track of the vlog is it's where I just give you the name of song to share with you and you can discover some new music it's a cool fun little song that I found

on Pandora it's called that's my dog by Brett Dennen thank you so much for watching bye [Music]