10 December 2019

Story why I bought service dog vests for my service dog 🐶

unbox the new stuff for you coffee

toffee when I bought the new stuff for you when when we open it you see one insight then you one will be open okay I know that you don't mean to wear it but in case someone asking so why you are a server duck but you don't have a vest on but I have one security guy at the mall ask me that question or the day I try to explain to him that you don't need to wear anything and long you behave good and do the job that you have to provide to me but he still give me a hard time [Music] [Music] avoid damage to this paper back do you mean will rot away he's nowhere else in you but if a leash is cool they look so cool so excited it's heavy wish I don't have to hole up your leash let's go strap that over my body I don't know that I know how to use it I'm cool I didn't cool you like it we mentioned with your color you like imagine what you call a baby balloon see what you got scared it's hard to pop it hey darling nothing for you baby nothing for you always nothing for you face or your face

Oh Sookie you and training so when you not a behave good so I can say that foot surf a dog and both sides I can put this off and training so now get your own troubles are you a good behaved uh-huh coffee are you good behaved you are so cute okay that's it guy then nothing it's another leash it's another leash [Applause] haha they all combo they're so cool do you like it you like it I just got this from Amazon they don't need to ask nothing so anybody can buy this stuff and put over the dog and walk around the mall there it's a service dog look at all the guy that's getting out yesterday at the mall I told him that he'd just come up to me and told me that ma'am your animal that cannot be inside the mall and stay that he asked me that I correct him and say instead that you asked me that to remove my dog but you should ask me that ma'am it's your dog it's a silver dog or what did he do for you or what type that he do but he wouldn't ask that he just comes straight to me and say that oh your animal cannot be in the mall and I asked him why my dog is not a pet he is

a super dog and then he said where is the hit Vasquez and I told him that the vast you can buy anywhere in the Amazon or different website eBay whatever but did not mean that when you have this vast then it makes your animal make your dog become a civet doc and instead I hate have to ask me the question that he's supposed to ask me but he did not ask me that way he just asked here he did not ask me he just told me out I told him you know before you wonder you have asked politely I don't mind that you're asking me that you know come up to ask me that my dog is I saw the doc I don't mind that but it's polite a little bit because you never know and he saw him walking normally perfectly fine so that's why he don't think that I'm a handicapped person I'm sick person or whatever but he did not think that so I told him as my dog it's a silver dog you should know that because my dog did not jump over you they're not mocking you did not bother other people he walked really nice and he was citrulline ice and when I walking I stopped he sit down wait for me so what do you want walk on that and I told him you know you cannot

ask people like that way because as we were hurting other people feeling special just hurting my feeling so I don't mind for you to asking me that my dog is so fit on that but you know as politely and I told him that you know at the law you know for those of a dog my dog don't have to wear the vest so I don't have to show you any paperwork at that unless if you try to know that the dog is s of a dog or even they're not US of a dog that they all behave really well and did not jump up or walking at other people or when people walk by they have food and they like that so they don't just jump over that person or walk at the person or growling at the person so the be allowed on the morrow that's how people have suffered they have a fix of a dog but I know that you can I do nothing I see it guy is a boring video not my story okay not the reason why I bought that it's crazy of me