01 November 2019

Stray Dogs From Battersea Join Border Force at Heathrow Airport | Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs

Paul helps to train Peaches and Macey, a pair of highly intelligent spaniel sisters who might be able to make it as sniffer dogs with Border Force at Heathrow ...

over in the paddocks those two sisters

who well just need to let off some steam really I see two spaniels I George Lacey they're fairly full of life on faithfulness and wife two young healthy pedigrees ended up here it's a bit of a mystery this is the same lesson about the same age same kind of looks that Bob on be a Springer Spaniels were originally bred as gum dogs used to flush out game not the folks who I felt that yeah I can't say them sitting on the sofa keno they make great working dogs because they're energetic and easy to train as long as they have motivation but these two it's tennis balls you normally see these purple sniffer dogs yeah don't go and meet Jack should we discuss you career prospects Jeff selects potential dogs here who might be suitable for working homes and I want to know what he makes of the dynamic Jiro look at that like concentration that's mass yeah they are you could see how much they are into each other and they don't squabble so close in fact that they even share the same Bowl thank you but I've got what it takes to be sniffer dogs I mean I've seen enough already to say they've got the potential when they sit and wait for

the ball they've got that little bit of control yeah right we're ready okay you know ready girls yeah no Gornick and that's what I like about and the potential for working but they want to be with you they want to work for you they certainly look like a great team like tagging a lazy of the canine world's yeah you can have the laundered money and you can have the dogs but that'll be a problem if they wanna go still working home you know they will need to be trained separately so next stage for us will be to start taking out individually together separated I just hope they don't take being split up to us and if it is too much for them obviously we'll have everything yeah [Applause] even walking to kennels they were like jumping six feet high they're doing brilliantly of their training together but will they be able to do it apart as you can see that both expected how do you think they'll cope because it's the first time I'm going to be taking them out individually we just want to monitor and see here we go I'll put that there

we'll take Macy up to the paddock and we'll be able to check out peaches is doing with this camera look she's got you fingers crossed she doesn't flash I'm gonna leave you alone now none are well Maci is raring to go now don't worry peaches she'll be back so she's got you [Music] didn't say on the camera up on the channel we're monitoring how peaches is doing the way from her system she's Hein and look what she does have some company [Music] and now Macy's alone we can start doing more advanced training with her she's never happier than when she's chasing a ball but will she be able to find the hidden ones are you ready are you ready where the potty wherever pudding we're supple we're supple yeah I'll give it that and I'm gone I think peach is even looks relaxed on our own now she's quiet what you're at Josh you're settled so yes yourself and I don't think Macy's even notice the sisters are here she searches the chairs she's gonna find out for this search training is what you'd be doing

in somewhere like an airport oh yeah only there be fewer tennis balls it'd probably be drugs money and gongs over the next few weeks Jeff needs to carry on training them individually [Music] let's hope they can impress a potential working home I've got a good feeling about these two Macy impeaches are certainly absolutely lovely here at Heathrow and although border force trained them separately they still get to see each other they said the tennis balls they're now training to sniff out more important things you should be say my scene upset [Music] not I'm looking for its concentration and focus and they need to be able to find things quickly when they were on a baggage belt they've only got seconds show me that there's something that I want to have a look at they've been absolutely fantastic I will expect they have very successful future careers you