23 December 2018

Stray Kitten Walks Up To A Man Asking For Help And Won't Let Go

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facts verse presents stray kitten walks

up to a man asking for help and won't let go hey it's a cat video we all love cat videos don't we hey before we get into it help us spread the word about facts verse by clicking that like button and also be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell it's not uncommon to see stray cats out on the street some cats leave their homes and they can't find their way back unless their owners know where to look for them they may never make it home some people decide that they just can't care for their cat any longer and they'll let the cat go far from home and try to make it on their own some cats are born on the streets and remain there for the rest of their lives and that's the case with the kitten in this story here was an adorable grey tiger kitten with white paws he had big kitten eyes and an adorable little face he knew he was adorable and he used that to find himself a forever home a man named Will was out walking his husky one day when this tiny kitten approached him he leaned down and gave the kitten a quick pat on the head and then kept walking when he turned around he saw the little kitten was

following him he knew the kitten was a stray because he was in an area where all of the stray cats in the area lived well as will continued to walk the kitten continued to follow this streak it were walked up to this guy and just would not stop following him well finally after the kitten followed him for quite a while he picked it up and he decided to take the kitten to the vet to have it checked out the vet told will the kitten was only about five weeks old and without a forever home there was a good chance that he wouldn't make it so will decided to adopt the kitten right then and there and named him onion from the very beginning onion stole wills heart onion loved to cuddle and he loved to purr when will put onion down he followed him all around the house when will was sitting on the couch watching television onion would jump into his arms he loved to fall asleep in his humans arms it wasn't just will hoo onion fell in love with he also loved wills dog first will was a bit concerned that onion would drive his husky crazy but he was the exact opposite the dog fell us deeply in love with onion as we'll did

in just a matter of days the tiny kitten became a member of the family and as soon as that kitten came to live with them will started taking photos of the adorable little guy and posting them online and it wasn't long before onion became a minor social media celebrity for a while we'll stop posting onions photos between work and his social life he didn't have the time now that doesn't mean he didn't have time for the baby kitten he did he was a devoted father to both of his pets he just wasn't posting the photos well finally though a few months after onion moved into wills home he decided to post an update about the kitten he was a bit bigger now but still just as cute and he appeared to be just as happy many of wills followers on social media let him know what a great thing he did by adopting the kitten he was far too small to live out on his own and since his mother was nowhere in sight most of wills social media friends let him know that he saved onions life there are many people who go to breeders or pet stores to find a new pet remember their family with all the strays on the streets today though adopting from the

shelter or right off the street that's a better idea these animals are in desperate need of a safe and happy home and we'll saw that onion and needed some help and he took action he brought onion home and immediately made him a member of the family today onion couldn't be happier he is a human who loves to hold him and snuggle with him he has a canine brother who accepted him right away and made him feel like one of the family will did a great thing for this kitten but he never expected that onion would do something great for him as well onion became a part of wills family and brought him a great deal of joy good luck onion and good job will subscribe for more you [Music]