16 December 2018

Struggling with my pets mortality...

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hey everyone today I'm here to talk to

you about a kind of serious topic I posted on Twitter a poll about some of the things you guys might want to talk about and me sort of struggling with my pets mortality was the top response so I'm joined by Salem for my intro here and potentially my outro depending on how long he decides he wants to sit still with me because Salem is roughly a year and a half and rats have relatively short life span so he is one of the little dudes that I am actually talking about today okay so I put Salem up for the duration of the video because I talk with my hands and because he probably isn't gonna want to just sit in one spot the entire time I probably wouldn't want to if I was him so he's back in the cage for the time being I'll bring him back out for the outro so you guys can see more pets so today is gonna be kind of a chit chat video because I have found myself in the position of having multiple elderly animals so I wanted to kind of talk to you guys about what I'm struggling with when it comes to having a lot of animals that are sort of towards the end of their lifespan and sort of the way I'm wrapping my brain around it because I

have been struggling with the idea of their mortality and this isn't something that I usually struggle with because usually my animals have lifespans that are really scattered and that means that I don't find myself in the position of having a lot of animals that have the potential of dying in a short period of time but now I have come to the point where most of my small animals have reached the sort of end of their lifespan that doesn't mean they're gonna die like this month or anything crazy like that but just I've reached the point where I have to come to terms with the fact that they are elderly so I'll go over who all I'm talking about first and then we'll sort of get into my thoughts and stuff like that so first we have Draco longtime member of this channel he is in my very first video on this channel so he's been around a long time he is five and a half years old now or no almost five and a half he turned five in September so getting there the average lifespan for a hedgehog kind of varies but four to six is what a lot of people say some people say five to seven that's pretty rare for a hedgehog to hit seven years old these days so regardless

of what you believe a hedgehogs lifespan is he has reached the second half of his lifespan which means he is an elderly little man he is getting cysts he has one on his forehead he has one on his chest and those are thankfully benign but they are a sign of his age and thankfully they're not problematic right now but they can cause problems if he scratches them or anything like that then we have my guinea pigs I pointed to them like you can see them you can then we have my guinea pigs who are both a little over four and a half years old guinea pigs have a lifespan of roughly four to six as well obviously all of these lifespans are you know dependent on the health of the guinea pig my guinea pigs are incredibly healthy they're big dudes they haven't shown any signs of really slowing down pipin see to have a little less mobility in his legs which can be a sign of arthritis but pigs can live a very long time with arthritis and so hopefully mine do as well but they are four and a half Gimli is two years old or will be next month so just about there and a hamsters

lifespan is two to three and then out of my two rats one of my boys is older than the other Salem who I was just holding he was born sometime in August of 2017 which would put him at roughly a year and a half now and a rat's lifespan is like one to two one two three depends on who you ask so that means that five out of my 11 animals are coming to the sort of end point of their lifespan all at once all at the very same time and it's a little bit terrifying for me um I think about it a lot every time I spend time with them I think about it um I lost blaze this year which was incredibly difficult for me wasn't entirely unexpected I mean he had been having health issues but it didn't make it any less difficult he passed an in kind of unusual way an unexpected way if you guys don't know about that I did a whole video on it it's kind of an intense video um but I did do a entire video dedicated to that situation the idea that potentially in 2019 I could lose 5 out of my 11 animals is to be quite frank terrifying um I this doesn't mean I will I mean animals outlive their lifespans all the time and some of these

guys are at the very beginning of the end of their life fans you know what I mean like like hedgehogs live to like six and so do guinea pigs and sometimes they even reach seven and it's not like the usual thing that happens but it's not unusual either so I'm not saying that anyone's gonna die like no it's just I feel like when an animal reaches an elderly age you start to think about what is going to happen when they pass I struggle with my mental health on a regular basis and my animals help me with my mental health and the idea of losing five of them in a relatively short period of time is scary because I don't know how I'm going to cope with that there's also the fact that Drako lose one of the five and draco I am incredibly attached to he is like my heart animal in this room if you guys know what hard animals are I'm very very attached essentially he was one of my very first small pets as an adult not one of he was the very first small pet as an adult he's the reason I started pug pitbull hedgy he's the reason I am where I am the whole point of this video was just to sort of discuss how I'm coping um but I can't say that I really

am coping or that I'm coping well or anything like that because I'm not sure how to deal with this so maybe the point of this video is to ask you guys for advice how do you deal with your elderly pets how do you wrap your mind around them potentially leaving sooner than you would like them to how do you think would be the best way to deal with five of them coming to that point in their life all at once that's the aspect of this that I'm struggling with the most is having all five of them hit that point at the same time it's different when it's one or two I mean I've lost hamsters in the past I've lost several hamsters in the past because they have short lifespans and it's just something you sign up for same with rats like I haven't personally lost any rats but it's something you sign up for when you get an animal with a pretty short lifespan you expect to lose them I don't really know entirely what the point of this video is but I know that you guys have been asking me questions about it and it's been something that's on my mind anyway and so I just kind of wanted to get on here and ramble with you guys and if you have any thoughts

for me or suggestions on how to you know sort of wrap my brain around something like this that would be great much appreciated even if you don't have any thoughts maybe you're dealing with a similar situation or have dealt with a similar situation and you want to tell me about it I'll be in the comments like always so yeah let's get Salem out for the outro and thanks for listening so thank you guys so much for watching Salem and I are gonna go now thank you so Salem and I are gonna go now he's gonna go hang out with his brother he's so thank you guys so much for watching and we will see you in our next video see my