08 October 2019

Studio 10 live interview on pet adoption and the Rescue Awards

Cathy Beer, Founder of the Rescue Awards with Dee Walton from Central Coast Animal Care Facility in NSW chats with the hosts of Channel Ten's Studio 10 ...


the joy sort of pet can bring into our lives and to our families but every year thousands of pets are surrendered to rescue shelters and organizations which is so sad so if you are looking to adopt a beautiful pet like this gorgeous ginger kitten here this is Huxley what do you need to consider well joining us with some furry friends is Dee Walton from the Central Coast animal care facility and Kathy beer from jet pits companion animal rescue Awards great gorgeous rescued animals who would suit all sorts of different families and different homes what are the main reasons that pets end up being abandoned look I think it can be a number of factors some of it can be lifestyle change and some of it can be domestic violence some of it can be that they've chosen the wrong dog for them so it doesn't suit their lifestyle and some of it can be behavior issues so let's look at some benefits what are some of the benefits of adopting apart look I mean you have your home is that happy home when you've got an animal for sure you can have a really horrible day go home and that animal is so glad to see you you just forget about the day that

you've heard you know and you look at what animals can do for people in nursing homes and stuff it can actually draw them out of that summer that they can be in there just so therapeutic and it does it has all sorts of side benefits as well I love we've got a rescue dog oh my god we had to go through heaven and hell to to get him happy but he is just the best thing and but he makes me go for a run every day and other dogs will make you go for a walk every day we know that doing that is good for your brain or if your mental health could be a painful health so even all these side benefits apart from the animal just loving you itself fantastic as you said that problems we had a rescue cat living in our apartment and when amelia was born he didn't cope and the vet said we're gonna have to give pause he kept prozac and all of this sort of thing so we sent was he kept to the farm and I mean really to the farm really to live with our cousins in Tottenham where he still lives to this day and is an outdoor cat and has a fantastic life out there and loves it so do you what kinds of things should you

consider before you adopt a pet considering adopting a pen choose an animal that actually suits your lifestyle right so if you live in an apartment you're not going to put a wrong way you're going to choose a smaller pet or somebody like a Sheila who's a greyhound then our couch potatoes they may only have a sauce got bad gas like I just let fluffy off the chain Wow like um you know your lifestyle whether or not you can cope with an energetic animal you're not going to get a cattle dog that is a working dog if you don't have the time to put into that animal yeah Kathy tell us about the rescue Awards because I think I might be eligible for one after without a dog you could be it could be look sadly there's 186,000 pets that are left unclaimed in chillz shelters and pounds every year across Australia but the good news is there are over a thousand rescue groups and animal shelters supported by thousands of volunteers who help to rescue and rehome these pets giving them a home giving them another job the awards for the the shelters and the rescue services or for example really good-looking TV hosts who

might have just happened to adopt a cattle dog for example I think there could be a new category for years look the Chipettes Companion Animal Rescue Awards this year we had seven categories for the industry and the Central Coast animal care facility was a finalist but we also had one award just for pet adopters and foster carers and that was the advocate people's rescue story and I was a judge for that award I read nine hundred and fifty-seven entries of her adoption and I went through a box of tissues amazing stories and the passion that people have a pet adoption so I'd suggest please check out all our wonderful winners at rescue Wars calm today so what makes them an ethical rescue organization think that they'd all be ethical what's really oh yeah that's good that's a good question look most of them are fantastic they do a great job but some are not so great so how do you choose a good one look there's a whole lot here that you can look at you that to make sure that the organization has the other pet sorority desexed Maxon a vaccinated

microchips all that sort of thing they're great chips that can see on the screen is now but I also like to add that that look for a rescue organization aware that provides a host adoption support that can help you settle in your pet yeah and on a trial period as well look at this one um the one way you got Finn from was so miser didn't even vet the pet as much at Vetter to us so they actually sent someone around to look at the house and make sure that it was okay for right it wasn't that an extraordinary I might choose to be harsh but still I thank you for bringing all these gorgeous pits and all of these pets are available for a dog that they're interested we're at the Central Coast animal care facility so we run out of Gosford pounds yeah so we're at Aaron a beautiful and you've got a website we haven't got a website yet but we're building one at the moment but we are on Facebook yeah should I take you home but you'd use more D gas than I use on a daily so much Cathy and deeply answer for daily thank you