21 March 2019

SUPER RARE PET (Roblox Pet Ranch Simulator)

SUPER RARE PET in Roblox Pet Ranch Simulator! FIRST Impressions of Pet Ranch Simulator ➡ http://bit.ly/2EYRsoV Money Moves (Billionaire Simulator) ...

what is going on everybody brick

building here and today we got a crazy roblox video coming up so if you are excited make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more pet ranch simulator but today we are gonna be working on something a little bit crazy because I want to replace some of my lower tier pets with some higher to your pets okay so we're gonna go ahead and just delete a few of these like these guys here anyone that's made like these are all gonna go there just not make enough enough money so we're gonna be rid of those we're gonna be getting five new pets today at least I hope to try to get around that we're gonna see how many pets we can end up getting but I'm gonna get rid of those just cuz they're not even like remotely good so there's just no point in keeping them around so we can get really dry tuss do that let's get three of these first okay ah no that's just buy one separately alright here we go first one we're gonna get we got an uncommon okay it's good enough honestly I'll take it makes way more money than the other ones though we're gonna be trying to maximize our chances a brown wolf okay pretty nice so we have two of those now I those are uncommons

they're not terrible what else we're gonna get let's see give me something good to eat give me something good another brown wolf okay not complaining you just expected there'd be something else in addition to brambles let's get two more of these let's just go for two more of these we got what are we okay a common polar bear that's like the worst one we could possibly get so pretty good buy it's just not the best now here we go we got one more egg to buy and an uncommon brown wolf it is and I mean actually I've 20 pets now our ranch so now we got to go ahead and upgrade those babies and see how many coins we can actually maximize out of them right now we are making fifty six thousand coins a second which is really good but we're gonna get that higher up very quickly here so let's start by upgrading these okay I don't know if we're gonna actually have enough money to max all of these pets they do cost a lot of money to do this so we'll see if we can let's get started right here I just fully maxed out the first brown wolf and now I'm doing it with the next one I'm gonna try to do with all of them if we can and it seems

like we might be able to so let's just do that looking good looking really good so far as far as that goes boom and this one here needs to be maxed and then I don't know there's any others that still need to be maxed out so just check let's just run through our pets right here we're looking over here at the level if the level is not the same number out of the same number it means it's now fully leveled up and we can get more okay so there's that we're actually gonna go ahead and get rid of the stone and dog as well because we're gonna go back up and we're gonna be buying a one of the very very good expensive like a hundred million plus eggs I think to replace him just because that's how you got to do it we can only have a maximum amount of pets so it's just better just to replace right now decide right here we're gonna buy it let's see we're gonna get give us something good give us some really good mom epic owl what's the chances of that one eight percent chance baby that's gonna be that's all oh my gosh fifteen thousand coins right off the bat right off the bat is maybe fifteen thousand coins and that's before upgrades oh my

gosh that's crazy that's insane now I don't know if we're gonna be able to fully upgrade of this guy's got forty levels and as you can see the levels already cost a ton of money like they're in the millions now per one but we're already making 24k off that pet oh my gosh the owl is one of the greatest pets ever it seems right now at least so that's crazy we're gonna need a lot of millions if we're gonna finish wrapping the upgrades on the owl because that thing is that crazy pet okay I'm not gonna lie that is a lot of money I it'll be worth while we're gonna yeah super duper profitable with this felt like it's already making double our other epic that's maxed out at 40 and this one's only halfway there that's crazy to me this is insane I love this pad okay owls the best pad like we literally just got like one of the best pets in the game that's possible for us to obtain at this period of time it's like we don't have enough money to buy the SuperDuper crazy eggs and stuff so that's like the best egg we can buy it's pretty much one of the best ones out of that egg so not doing too bad I'm

not gonna lie we're doing pretty good and we'll do another two upgrades there and it's costing like two million and upgrader right now and it's gonna get even higher than that before we finish so who knows we're gonna try to get as close to it as we can who knows what we'll build a Mac set we're gonna try to but we'll see what happens we shall see what happens let's do another upgrade three million now for upgrade us an insane number byte it'll be worth it in the long run it will be so flippin worth it in the long run spending all this money on the owl like that's a pet we're probably never gonna even like swap out like to be honest we're just gonna leave it like in the future some of these other low tier ones might get you know replaced but I don't think that one well of course we can also upgrade a ranch way more here I believe right we can upgrade the ranch to have more ability for storage but as far as now we're not gonna really worry too much about that we're just gonna worry about making the pets we have make the most money essentially for a little bit let's do that 420 million dollars right there well 4.2 million now 420 but whatever

there's a lot of money we'll put it that way like it might as well be 400 million dollars on the Apple that's how expensive this thing cost it's an insane expense but it'll be worth it it will be so worth it in the end like we're already making 88 thousand coins right now which is crazy because we're making our action of that when we started today so we're making a ton of money this thing isn't even finished yet it's gonna make us just a load of money in the long run and we got to spend money to make money so we'll spend all this currency and then we'll be making it back pretty pretty soon over the next few days so I'm not too worried at all about it it doesn't really matter it'll be perfectly fine and here we go just keep it up we're making five million right now we're gonna about this drop five billion now it costs six million we're ten tears off from maxing out the aloe pet our first ever like really good app it pet it's gonna make a load of money so that's pretty crazy and you'll love to see it you love to see it's just gonna be so good and this apples max

okay it's already making 29-28 almost 29,000 coins right now so I wonder what its gonna make when it gets completely maxed out its gonna make a crazy number like it's already making like a giant fraction of our total coins per second and it's only gonna keep making more and more so well see exactly what number it makes pretty pretty soon but we're spending millions right now and it's just a critical step to you know doing the good life in the pet rancher simulator okay so let's just keep it up well odds just keep it up there we go 5 million we need to get more than 5 million now you need to get way more than 5 million I get me too what do I need I need 6.8 million right now I'm gonna need even more than that because we're still got a bunch of levels left to go I wonder what the last level is gonna cost is it gonna be like 10 million like 15 million like what is it gonna cause it's gonna be a lot of Millions that's all I'm saying so that's the thing we're making 90,000 coins per second don't mind if I do that's pretty flippin awesome like that is an insane number to be making everything goes like

that's like a 100k every single second so theoretically we're making millions pretty pretty quickly but you know we're also spending them literally as fast as we get them so that's probably an element of why it seems like we don't have a lot of money it's just super spending all the money as soon as we get in our pockets and that's probably not the best way of going about things but we need to get this pet maximize their car it just needs to happen so here we go yeah wait I go looking Gucci so let's keep it up let's keep it up okay hype this thing up we got the Apple coming out pretty soon as far as max level is concerned it's gonna be crazy and I am gonna be psyched it's gonna be so sick it is gonna be so awesome let's do this let's just keep going with collecting the coins that we're almost there eight million is the next upgrade I think it was eight point five million if I worked all crackly it was it is eight point seven five okay so I was even a little more than that but no big deal and let's just get there boom okay level 34 right now correct yes

need all right bring in millions so we need like a lot of millions left to get this thing max album but it's critical that we do this like it's just gonna be so useful if we do it so you know let's just do it right now very quickly it was just crush it in the coin Department for the next few minutes and then we should have enough and then of course you know well give our pets some time to AF care to collect up a ton of money and then we'll go ahead and do some more crazy things in another episode but of course we got to finish this pet here we got to get him more upgraded like just the value that he brings it's necessary that we kind of do this and boom there we go 35 right now making 31,000 coins every single period of time which is quite nice but we got a few more upgrades left and it's gonna be expensive this is gonna be expensive it's already out a lot of money right now it already cost 11 million for one upgrade and we still got five tiers left so that's a lot of money that's gonna be left we need to earn but we'll do it we will of course take the cake we will fly the pie we will get the bread okay we got this we are going to make it happen

if it's the last thing I do okay it's just critical we do this like look I don't even know if you guys understand how good this owl is but it's really flippin good so let's go ahead and get some more money and then we'll be back to finish finish the upgrade process on it 77 million dollars plus right now so I think that should be enough to finally max this this I will out let's see one upgrade to upgrade three upgrade for upgrade five upgrade it is maxed at 33 thousand coins that is absolutely mind-boggling but overall really crazy pet and I'm kind of lucky we got it I'm not gonna lie there like an 8 percent chance of getting it which is like through the roof crazy that we got it but if you guys did enjoy today's roblox video if we should drop a like and subscribe and I'll see you at another video thank you so much for watching [Music]