18 April 2019

Surprise! We got a DOG! | Life Update

We are back and we have a surprise for you! Our new dog, Walker! Oh, and also we moved to California. Walkers Instagram: ...

hey guys we are back I took a little

break from YouTube just because I had a lot going on one of the things is that we moved we're in a new place and if you haven't seen my Instagram we are back in California and we are doing something super exciting today it's gonna come as a shock out of nowhere but it's been in the works for a little bit and we're super super excited about it but first let me start off by saying that I did receive a free product I'm going to be mentioning in this video it's not sponsored by them but I just want to let you guys know I will be talking about it but the good news is that it is for our dog yes there's a picture of him right here his name is hunter we're actually gonna be changing it to Walker because we know a couple people named hunter so just to make it less confusing for the kids we're gonna change it to Walker but his name gonna be Walker and we're gonna get him today in about less than two hours so I actually have to get ready to go but first I wanted to set up his bed so I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys [Applause] I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys the whole setup process it's rolled up in a box so I don't having to look hopefully

there's some sharks in the bottle but let me go ahead and grab it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] it says full gear done rap to not [Music] [Music] back up [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] let it come all the way up okay so the next thing that we're gonna do we're gonna leave this here we have to go get Walker in a little bit and I need to get a power cord and like move all those cords Hey okay so we did some a little rearranging and I moved the TV stand all the way over so that way I could put the bed right here and then what I did is I just put the two couches side-by-side yes there is so much laundry here but it's not a priority to say hey no hitting your sister so yeah that's

that's that we're gonna leave that there and let it get ready and by the way Walker is not a chewer so he shouldn't chew that cord if it becomes an issue we will reconfigure all of this stuff but I doubt he will chew it he's four years old and his current owner said that he does not chew so yeah hopefully that'll work okay so I have his leash that we got him right here and then we got this collar we're actually gonna get him a custom color with his name on it but we just got this temporarily it's it looks pink on camera but it's like an orange like a neon orange we found these adorable poop bags at home good those three dollars for a pack of I think week of hundred and sixty came with eight rolls Oh his little camera toy and then in here we have his dog towel and then our shampoo and conditioner for him so just in case things get crazy I'm gonna tell you like a quick rundown of how things are gonna go so we're gonna go out to get him where he's at which is about 40 minutes away we're gonna pick him up we're gonna bring him back to the dog wash station and wash him really good and then we're gonna bring him back here he has to get

his vaccinations done tomorrow so because he has surgery in two days so tomorrow he has to get vaccinations up data so he can do a surgery in two days which is why I'm gonna bathe him because I want to make sure he's as clean as possible on surgery day because it can't pay for like a week or so or maybe longer after their surgery I think it's like maybe ten days I got to put away some potatoes that I made and go potty and grab some water and then we're gonna go I didn't film in their house just for their own privacy reasons obviously because I wanted to respect their privacy I have him here with me so this is his reveal are you ready ready how do you any friends right here ha hi what no it's not pink it just looks pink on camera we're gonna go home I want to beat the traffic and then we'll catch and catch up with you guys later okay so we are here at the dog spa say hi we're gonna yep yep somebody all his stuff out you want to help me right so first we need whitening shampoo and then we have some conditioner and his doggy towel perfect all right let's get him up in here then

ah [Music] [Music] hey guys so I just realized I never really transitioned the video after walkers bath which is what you guys just saw and the reason why two things one you couldn't really tell but the whole time my kids are freaking out I mean it was mostly Nash he was just not loving when I started blow-drying Walker I didn't fill in that part because he hated it and then not Walker now she hated the sound and then the whole time I gave him my phone so that they could watch TV like sitting down after a little bit because they were just like running around and then Nash kept slipping cuz water was like spray a little bit on the floor it was just a hot mess so actually it's been two weeks since his surgery we've had him for a little over two weeks now and we're gonna bathe him tonight but I'm gonna leave the kids with Ryan because it's just gonna be really really bad but also I ended up having to take my camera in because something broke on it it's a long story I'll explain it in another video but that's why I never really

wrapped up the video so I did take some footage on my phone Walker just playing around at the dog park and stuff like that so I'm gonna go ahead and insert that here just because he's really cute and I want to show you guys more of him but I also didn't film an outro to this video so it's just gonna be the footage of Walker and then that's gonna be the end of the video so thank you guys so much for watching feel free to subscribe if you guys liked it was kind of content it's mostly family vlogs on this channel with the occasional sit-down videos and like little things here and there but we really appreciate you guys watching and we're super happy for the growth that we've been experiencing so thank you for sticking around this past month and being a part of our family and we hope to see you in the next video bye Walker Walker c'mere Walker sit walker sit Walker Rick sit oh good boy you want to go home Walker sit good boy Walker you want to go home you want to go home you want to go home cute dog look at all the bones and don't forget jewelry do you want one maybe sec hey I can't risk it okay where you going you want toy

instead what do you see bud look at those are horse balls what do you want you're good right what do you want when you want a bed you have like a $200 bet I'm not getting another bed you have a nice bed you don't need a bed you'll need a bed though go get a tree all right lane you just ran into him all right here oh these are there's no treats here let's go to the tree table come on all right brand-new never been lit it's the same bull he has so I'll be like oh cool thanks Walker look you want to watch her I'm good he was trying to get on the bed I think he wants to just sleep like I give up you won't pick anything I'm like go get something probably just like I want to sleep oh look it did you smell this let's see what we want some dough some deer maybe does that smell good look Walker Walker you want to eat it's like I just might go to bed mom maybe bring it home maybe I'll like it do you like you or no I'm not gonna buy it if you're just not gonna touch it we like that okay I'll buy it I'll rip the tire off you can give it to him and

therefore drops out grab my god is that grandma is that your granny there you go mr. Walker look pets look I like people more than Trina yeah thanks look at it's grandma look look it's grandma Walker look he's like wait all right I'm gonna pay for this good boy look at that cute face you're so cute do you want to give them one yeah here no here take this go walk over there : good boy not so you want to give him a treat yeah okay here you go Walker sit all right say Walker sit say walkers Tom say sit don't say Walker Bob guy say Walker sit here try it again ready Walker come here okay hey Walker sit okay here now you can give it to good boy it is school time he's pretty chill now that he's played and walked around a little bit so so he's like much more chill come on he still pulls a little bit but he's the much more chill after he's walked for a minute see good boy walking all calm I got all this leash he's just following Nash so I think he will do really good once we get him least trained especially if he gets

enough exercise because he's very calm