18 June 2012

Sweden Zoo Wolf Attack Swedish Worker Killed By Wolves In Kolmarden Wildlife Park.mp4

until recently wolves have always had a

bad press in every society folklore hasn't been kind to them even in sparsely populated environmentally conscious Sweden the wolf has been persecuted to the point of annihilation in 1965 wolves were given official protection today there are only 60 individuals living there in the wild which means that the wolf is still so rare that the best chance of sweet has to see one is in skansen zoo in Stockholm the wolf was extremely intensively hunted by all possible methods by not only by shotguns rifles but also by poison and and traps of all different kinds there's more to the decline than the age-old fear of the predator it's a question of coexistence moose hunters saw the wolf as a competitor and to livestock farmers it's always been public enemy number one in the remote regions of Sweden it's been next to impossible to enforce the law forbidding the killing of wolves even today some still see the extinction of the wolf as a desirable state of affairs and suddenly we heard one shots we went on and when we come up where where the area was free we heard two shots again and then we saw two people on scooters

and after a while they went away but first they stood on their knees and put snow over something that something was a wolf the two men were caught find seven and a half thousand dollars and jailed for six months the authorities now recognize that the best chance of survival for the wolf lies in providing incentives to the human population to tolerate the canine predator livestock farmers are now compensated for any domesticated animal taken by a wolf and the authorities pay for wolf proof electrified fences but the electrified fence is no solution for the reindeer herds of the Sami people inside the Arctic Circle when lichen and mosses of the main food source the herds must range over vast areas protecting the deer is impossible so the authorities have introduced new rules for compensation for the Sami they're paid according to how many wolves are believed to exist in the area more wolves means more money and in theory less incentive to kill them but there's little agreement on how many wolves exist and thus armies can't abide seeing their charges taken by the wolf we want to have permission to shoot if

we see a wolf attack our reindeer we want to shoot the wolf but shoot it legally Kenneth Johnson is a member of a team trying to establish the exact size of the wolf population it's a very red and brown hair and if you smell it you can't be mistaken what but it is a wolf dropping very strong in spite of signs that the Swedish wolf may be making a slow recovery scientists fear it now faces an even bigger threat to its long-term survival the geneticists are worried because the base that the genetic base for the present population or between 50 and 70 wolves is probably only two or three specimens living here in the mid 1980s which affects this would have in the future we don't know we can only try to manage the present population as as carefully as we ever can