12 March 2019

SWIMMING WITH is BACK and so is Travis Pastrana!

Travis Pastrana is famous for not being afraid of crazy stunts, but believe it or not he is afraid of snakes! Kenan will attempt to change that by swimming with his ...

I'm going that's pretty appalling is

what I'm doing admittedly I'd like on the engine or atomization is simple education and action conservation attention this is [Music] camco Travis is in town last time he Sears Auto burr 2nd 2016 we did it pet my snake with buttercup so the rule is whenever you come to my house just like Travis's house has a lot of rules if you go to Pastrana land like for example if you say what's the word am i any these push-ups that's right if you say mi Annie at any point you got to do 20 funny I could do that in my sleep bro no progress exactly alright so anyway I have I have rules here at this house and this house is you're not allowed to be fridge snakes and Travis is definitely concerned about animals in jail but thinks just like a pet like whose pet is that boy it's it's well I don't know if I care of pet but that's Buttercup that's she's she's not really a pet but she's a friendly large albino Burmese python you metaphor his mind sucker when we come back you'll be in my six seven twenty I thought I walked right into that truck alright

but paybacks are as they say a bi TCH because we're getting in the water it's kind of like it's swimming with test-run we've already done a swimming with but I just think it'd be funny to have Travis share space with Buttercup in the water the water's cold trap come on in Mike what I love I'm picturing gonna be looking over there this snake there's gonna be a crocodile it's gonna pop no crocodiles here yet yet but here's another funny thing we got to do so Kate as you know my lovely wife and here's Lindsey Travis's lovely lunch athlete in her own right I'm really excited to see these two I've known you since you're like 11 yeah skating at the Vans Triple Crown I've known you since you're what 15 no I was actually 13 he just won the B 3 was the first rider to ever land a backflip 360 and I got introduced to like TJ and all these other guys that was like yeah and I was like dude you're the kid that jumped a hundred feet dislocated his spine from his pelvis survives and as you know continued to have a very illustrious career in you know making people's toes curl with whatever he does to the snake back this neck so here's the deal s'okay the

lovely Kate as you guys know is terrified of snakes so Kate's gonna be operating the GoPro right that's what tom says yeah so this is kind of a fun video because we have two people turf on snakes Linds you're not scared it's right making me wait Linds are you scared of snakes I don't why here that can tolerates my beautiful butter Connie yeah it's pretty festive look at her I'm going in no that's the fridge know what I'm falling in is what I'm doing I'm literally I'm like on the edge don't do it Wow risk yeah but it's good for your body you know I found the best way to get in brisk water is to involve pain cuz then you're more worried about said like belly flop we're fine hook you trap this waters cold we just had two nights at 49 degrees so there's a bit of a chill so come on over here I don't want to go over no come over here it's no big deal seriously buttercup if you're ever gonna meet a snake buttercup is the best snake that you already matter but this is kind of cool because it's more on her terms she's in her

element water come on I don't want to be here here she come over here no like seriously what like how does this snake he'll think she bites on she's got about 200 teeth in her mouth they bite on an anchor with their heads and then wrapped their powerful bodies around their prey whatever we hear but you're not prey Travis come here seriously stop being a ninny you want to put money again a lot of people whatever she'll come in but Sophie adds no problems with the snake come here just come over here look at how close she's biting it hey you're funny come on Kate I can't you know if the people watching this are probably laughing that you guys would be in such a big sissy so she really did you said don't approach the snake from his face look it's looking right at us it is looking right at us but she's I think she's happy she's happy to be out I'm a scaredy dog a scaredy dog is cat this snake would eat dogs yes it makes them over here I don't know just looking in time baby the snake's heads wavy attract look she's coming up look at this guy I want her to come on no no did Travis you

very good so look at that trav what uh hold up she's looking at your crotch time she's going towards don't move Travis don't move and he suddenly logged it on the mouse no she's just checking things out she's in a new area she's uh she can't breathe underwater she looked she's taking a breath right now see so she's poking up there's a little breath and we're at a snake eye view here on the GoPro and she's just kind of investing is actually looking at me because her eyes are on the side her hug is don't worry she's just using a tongue to kind of sense now look she wants to go under and look she's going towards the children I'm just kidding so oh look at this she's kind of probing that's what's so cool about this pond man it's like a naturalistic body of water there's no chlorine in here it's totally safe for the animals to explore and that's why I had it built so I can have folks like you don't really get to share these experiences most of the time in kind of a naturalistic setting isn't this cool I mean come on let's just get the shot I know eventually I'm gonna need to like hold this or touch it or something oh my god alright so what I

want you to do is I want you to reach up underneath her and gently scoop her up from right about that coil and try and pull her out towards you and see if you can get her to swim now she weighs about 85 pounds so you're doing good just gently gently just grabbing her it takes a little effort so just gently pull it towards you I don't want to do that I just do that pull it toward you and step back into the deep area you're doing awesome keep going come on awesome tribe this is great man look at the shot you're sharing space with a large look at this guy's Travis is actually holding the snake oh boy it's not your stepdaughters tale I didn't mean to I'm sorry what about the kid kids are fine the kids are fine Buttercup is really acclimated to people this is not dangerous at all so Travis doing amazing so there you go hey so it's the French day there's a Travis's goddaughter just shut up and we're having a big party at Camp Kennedy the snake all right so how do you guys think Travis Tritt sharing some space with the snake leave a comment below I think he's doing awesome man I think

my daughter called me up can she jump in because I think she deal up more : this is just a test run for the pond and it's not clear yet right but it's getting what is called but uh it actually warmed up it's not bad yeah it's not that cold so anyhow guys it's a bit of a test run the water is cleared up nicely Travis just decided to stop by it's always good to see my old friend and alright anyway listen this is divulging evolving into a circus we're gonna say goodbye like and subscribe leave a comment let me know what you think of Travis go check out Nitro Circus when it comes roll into your table these guys are a lot of fun who knows maybe I'll show up at one you can send me down the ramp on a big wheel that would be fun right anyone want to see me go down a nitro ramp on a big wheel I do maybe I should go to Travis's house this summer and kind of get my old action sports on what do you think sounds like a good plan he'll scare me yeah Oh get out all right we'll see you guys [Music]