25 February 2016

Take a Tour of Chris Delia Stables

Take a tour with Olympic Showjumper Chris Delia through one of Canada's top full-service 'A' circuit show barn specializing in equitation and jumpers.

what CBS is to me and and if I could

project c.d.s into the world I want people to see polish students they do it with poise they do it with elegance they do it with sophistication and that's understated that's natural my early career was pretty meteoric I ended up training with Missy Clark Missy has been one of the top coach in the United States I'd say for the last 15 20 years well anybody who knows Missy its you don't mess around what they see it's in boot camp you you learn how to ride hardcore and you better be dedicated or else at the time when I was training with Missy I was also training with torchy Miller who was the chef to keep of the Canadian team for a number of years he brought me up through the jumpers so Missy gave me the introduction of the equitation which is the technical base of the sport and torchy really gave me the approach of trying to understand the mind of a horse Frank had quite a lot of success as a junior and a lot of success as an equitation rider and up into the Grand Prix ranks before you knew it and then all of a sudden I was at the Olympics at age 24 that Chris wrote into the Olympics he obviously can coach it and

do it so he has the experience and I know that he could take me there it is definitely an easy conversation starter that you've been to the Olympics you've you've achieved that dream which is pretty much every kid's dream what does any sport it gives a parent a sense of confidence that but blazed a trail to the Olympics and maybe I can help their child to do it as well it's Alex tar-like breathtaking having a big and marina is really nice we have state-of-the-art European of synthetic pudding the huge arena is awesome for very complicated courses even in December like I'm just riding and like basically almost a t-shirt the interlocking brick is all that non slip latex flooring which is great for the winter when the horses are slipping and sliding around with you know with snow when their feet and everything there's a lot of traction it's very quiet the wide open spaces and the barns thinks they're really high ceilings are very it's very warm in the winter it's cool in the summer the stalls always are full of shaping take their heads out all the time and they're nice and bright and they all have

windows and their windows all are open in the summer and it's nice and breezy we have wonderful turnout paddocks the horses are so well rested between horse shows top-top fencing and we have miles and miles of trails of hacking we also have use of the racetrack the hacking trails so we can really condition our horses in a lot of different ways we have the facility to do that we have access to a course an automatic equi sizer four horses that Steve state that so it's just top of the line everything it's been great too bring your shoulders slightly back now in the corner here you're on the circle now careful don't tug and pull well first of all I think he's dedicated really cares about his students he cares on all of the students regardless of where they're at what their goals are he tries for you just as much he's really passionate about horses he likes their nature he knows about them you know I feel like he's just an excellent teacher overall I was twisting too much to the left and for like half the winter we worked on body riding which is he go like this you have to use

your body and so for the whole winter we worked on that and that's really helped me he really like relates stuff to real life like he compares riding a horse to riding a bike for example he really makes it so you understand any breaks concepts down so that you know like exactly what you're doing again collapse it on you a little bit you can use your weight you could move your hips slightly more to the outside together to move sideways you like explain things really well when you're riding so I really understand it a lot and I like by the end of my life and I always have something that I just like you know and I need to work on next so I always feel like I'm like moving up a step every lesson I love a coach that takes input from the rider it's not all so the moment that he like he was like I told him something and he actually took it into consideration I was like there you go like this is this is a coach for me it's the art of the pursuit of excellence is that what it is what it really what it's all about if you're pursuing the ideal at all times and you're constantly trying to

hone yourself towards an ideal winning will take care of itself when I'm at my best think it reflects on CBS 2 because they know that you know Chris Delia's my trainer I love having that CBS label everyone knows it gets a really good bar and it feels good to wear that label riding out in the rain yeah there's a lot of pride a lot of these girls we were here at the beginning when they first started with Chris and it's pretty incredible to see these new horses come in and the girls clicked with them and then be able to watch them at home schooling and then follow them to the show and watch them win at the show it's pretty incredible I feel like Chris has a lot of integrity I lent a lot of Honor and I think he he wants the kids to do well because he wants them to do well not because it betters his career obviously we care for the horses a great deal and though there's a lot of times you you