28 December 2014

Take Paws: Grooming for Pet Health with Gregg Docktor

A clean, well-groomed pet makes a happy animal and a healthy home, but grooming isn't for everyone. If you don't have the time to bathe, clip nails, comb, brush ...

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support from the following Community Foundation of broward funds and by Broward County Animal Care and Adoption where you can adopt a new best friend for life when it comes to grooming a clean pet makes for a happy pet and a happy owner the actual grooming process seems relatively simple in theory I mean there's bathing rushing maybe some hair trimming and nail clipping but the reality of accomplishing these tasks is a whole other story a very mild-mannered well behaved pet like lightning York and sometimes get a little ornery when it comes to getting clean they sure seem to feel good after it's all over but boy can they hate on the process keeping a clean well maintained pet is an important part of ownership if it's not something you really want to spend the time effort and in some cases stress trying to accomplish and professional grooming might be right for you and your pal so I think the overall importance of having your Peck rooms on a regular basis is the maintaining the health of their pet I think that ears are cleaned make sure that hair is accumulating the

Year debris is not accumulating in the year it's really important for general health ears are clean nails or cut and they always get too long they curl up underneath that can really harm the pet walking they're walking on there now so it needs to be taken care of and cut the glands expressed I don't want to go into too much detail about that but if you ever see your dog scooting its butt on the floor it means there's something that the glands are full and they need to be expressed cutting the dog's hair is really important because if the hair gets too long it gets matted and tangled and it really this this in doesn't breathe and then flees and bugs and find a wonderful little home in that mess which is bring the path bringing into your house and cannon fester has all kinds of creepy crawlies that you don't want so the ears are clean the nails are caught the Grands expressed a good bat a haircut the dog feels wonderful you've got this beautifully spelling wonderful animal that just so happen to be around you but you're thrilled with two and of course overall that when that pet is clean that also means that they're not bringing in things into the house that

could potentially get you sick so the health of the animal is important the health of you is important I mean it's it's your fur trial you want to make sure it's clean and neat and looking wonderful smelling great that's what I think is really important about the reason why we've grown cats so grooming affects the health of that path as well as you it's important to get that tech room to properly you know you want to be able to brush out the dog if you can't rush out the dog then that's problem you need to bring it to professional pet groomer but if you can you brush it out thoroughly and then you should come the pet out and once you get done combing and brushing that dog out thoroughly you put them in a bathtub scrub them up a few times towel dry them really well and then either use your little hand dryer that use your own hair or if you have a bigger dry that's great too if this seems a too burdensome to do you bring it from fessional pepperoni we cannot equipment that's specially designed to do this go on tables okay not we're not bending over and killing our back trying to groom the dog they've elevated tables they have special

high-velocity dryers they have a different kind of equipment that you would never have to use wouldn't even know what this different things are about that we use and it just makes the process go faster if the process goes faster that means the dogs under a lot less stress and it's a happy situation not a burdensome situation for that back what takes us an hour to do it may take you three and four and five hours to do and the dog is like tired okay and exhausted from the entire experience that's not a pleasant one the when you come to marry fields feel pepper me the dogs are done quickly that's really important and that's important for the pet's health and your sanity I think that I've seen a lot of times where people have tried to cut the hair and the dog but there's two things to consider you've got the safety issue involved when your grooming a dog because it shears or the scissors are sharp the electric cookers are sharp if you don't know what you're doing can really harm the animal and harm yourself and the excitement the animal jobs you job that scissors go flying boom where they landing now because you're just not

sure what you're doing that's our professional pet grooming makes so much sense I think if you bring that pet into a professional pet groomer you're going to get the dog back neat clean wonderful smelling good the dogs not traumatized from the whole experience and it really makes a lot of sense besides if you do it on your own I've heard people tell me it's taking them all day to groom the dog professional Pekerman can knock it out in about an hour so there's a big difference and that means less time and less trauma on that guard 1 hour versus all day and it's done so it's a pleasant experience with a pet the dogs come into the merrifield school Pet Grooming there wagging their tails it's like it's a spa day okay the dog is love it it's the funniest thing in the world so that's why professional peppermint makes so much sense so there's some really cute specialized services that are available here at merrifield and that is called bling that's what we call bling is nails are painted sometimes we put little rhinestones on them feathers in hair color lots of color will add the hairspray to it so it gets a nice and

stiff and it's nice different colors that are put on there really glam it up and it's really really adorable sometimes they'll put in football logos on the dog it's and stars and it's just it's just amazing what you did listen you're just limited by your imagination okay and that the customer wants it and they love it they eat it up it just makes that dog much more of a centerpiece or more attentions given to that pet and nobody can deny giving a pedalo more attention that's wonderful and the dog is that's the room with it absolutely amazed what happens right so ones all said and done you want to make sure that if you can't room the pet yourself bring it to a professional peck remember that's the bottom line we're here at merrifield to provide the services and there's also a lot of our graduates out there today that are our professional pet groomers it's a good chance you'll bump into you if you'd like to help support take pause through sponsorship or by making a donation call 7 54 321 1000 or go to beacon TV