03 October 2018

Taking a walk with my dog

The title says it all, hope you enjoy the video and I´ll see you guys in the next one! Bye! Music: BUNT. - Young Hearts (feat.BEGINNERS) (BUNT. Remix)

what's up guys Skinner here back with

another video and in this one we wanna take a walk meet my dog and you so I'll see you guys down there okay so here you are in the garage as you can see there's no one here and let's go take a walk outside and hope I don't find anyone because talking to a camera is kinda awkward talking by yourself but okay so I'm just gonna show you this is a great obviously so use me as this metal ball to cover up the detector while we go take a walk and then I'm gonna take the ball and put it right there so yeah pretty simple right this is a button let's go [Applause] okay no people so far so good let's go yeah so I see the view I'll show you yeah I'm showing even more things just outside my house in a few videos you'll be able to track me down thank you miss you want to see that yeah there are you this fat ass dog okay anyway let's go to the other side of the road meanwhile I'll show you my dog years moving backward and across the road yeah let's go back home all right

taking that metal bar putting it in its place and this should close come on in three two one go yeah and by outside the by Road it's going to take the other version and yeah because we're lazy so yeah okay Jesus really bad me do myself okay you're probably tired of seeing my dog we're gonna scratch the watch this so back at the room where I feel a little bit more comfortable and not awkward so there was a walk with my dog we went outside which is unusual thing for me and you guys it to you came with me so I hope you enjoy like it subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next video peace [Music]