25 April 2019

Taking care of a pet mouse

Hi, I take care of my pet mouse Furball everyday. I'm Matilda of THE OUTDOOR COUSINS. I have many pets to take care of. Do you have any? If not what kind of ...

this is Matilda with the after cousins

in this the mouse is it in my sleeve I just got him out and you all come out [Music] you can feed them twice a day I went today but I don't really see them much because he doesn't eat much of his cage [Music] it matters how tall they are or how hungry they are and and he used to use this bowl but I recommend that bowl that's in my cave it could think you're you're about to die because it has some because it has some coloring and you have one of these pages where they can hide up here bigger this and the what I saw if we like socks and you'll want to get them love it a little thing of water it's really hard to put this together and this is my mouse it's a boy and it used to be baby please sleep it now it's going to be football just a fluffy and he loves picking his head up you should really not hold them much space I don't really do that as if you hold that much spacing and that's what I did with my first mouse I I kept picking it up and stuff and I had another best knife this smells I didn't pick up for the other one I did

so that I want to start it right so my god [Music] [Music] so this is our cat her name is coral well we sometimes call Kitty cuz she us but hurt it was really coral if she has [Music] a really fluffy bank machine he's really outdoor cat but she used to be in the back of why his name is for you he loves to eat paper he likes to scratch and he has 90 50 years he's so cozy just to keep the sleep with him at nighttime and he has snow he had really weird eyes but he was so so little but now he has like sort of nice eyes you really love him and it's a boy we shook you and we are we're getting the new bunny and his baby [Music] cookie crumbs fur ball cookie cream and that's all and Carter so yeah bye