18 April 2019

Taking care of a pregnant cat

there be ok today I'm gonna show you

well my cat mama cat is pregnant so I'm gonna tell you and show you what we're doing for her ok so as you can see here's mama cat we measure a box with grass in it and then water there's a D my lovely ok go fill up that way ok and we tap the keeper in the box because we soothe her so I am sorry my camera's little blurry do not work but ok yes and that helps that's what we do we pick her up that way but that won't hurt her Addie's here's a specialist I'm about to be a pet when I go in college here's our patient mama cat and see from the title it is tearing or a pregnant cat so she's picking some flowers what Addison these aren't flowers these are weeds I'm sorry the quality is very poor I don't have a camp I just I have my phone oh you know I think she's scared go get her some real flowers please those little like yellow ones and so as you could see when I pet her normal cat her butt goes up she's very sweet her name is mama cat we love her so she's pregnant again and she's so beautiful okay perfect those are the best kind of flower oh you know we should we should take these flowers and put them in there

yeah you're right yeah let's put them like right here and in the grass around the glass grass so you can see it's looking pretty cute what is wrong with my camera it won't focus there so this is what she's looking like there box I think putting some more leaves and stuff in there some mint leaves okay keep her in there please get some grass hmm I hear my echo oh okay so I'm gonna pick some grass and sprinkle it in there it's okay baby just some grass and we've been pulling her around in here but I've been putting her box in there and yet Adi has been carrying her like a good girl good girl that's happy or me you know howdy do me a favor go get me something like here pick up the cat please what we we need to we need to move her for a minute please I'm just we need to go I need to show you something we need to move the cat no she's not peaceful she's mad Adi please come on just pick her up yeah that's part that's part of it so I take this thank you see I have it in there she's carrying the cat what are you doing okay don't put that pat in there you know she won't stay we love you

that's why we're doing this okay holder's remember okay [Music] okay baby daddy has brilliant ideas I figured out where her water when it went on me here I'm gonna keep this close the door walk it ouch my foot okay that's good so we putting her in there right here when we need to go somewhere hey I just had a great idea I thought cookin Panther right over here something that we left out of here so then we can put some grass in there if she wants some food addict do me a favor go right there at the picnic table and get the food that's in there put it in here I will I know girl okay food on the picnic table addy girlfriend I trying to demand I really don't like to do and I'm not going to do it please cat don't to go we love she's being a good girl right now I just didn't like somewhere where y'all can sit here like right here but hmm don't you go don't you go don't you go don't you go you can see your head a little on a walk those a-d work so here she is there's Adi Adi where do you do

in oh okay it's just being a really good girl right now I like a girl proud so I'm was trying to place set my phone so I can show you I need something like to put it like right here outstanding don't you move baby girl okay I think I'm gonna move her box I didn't get her out so do you give me a minute so I moved her box down to the floor sorry about the extra time to go through here that will kill their babies okay not very happy with us but I can't help it I really can't so here's some grass and some grass you know I'll get shot okay so okay [Music] I'm not trying to blind the kitty so let's turn I torture hawk so here she is the cutest kitty ever cutest cat there is yes sure baby I have my cat belly may at home this is mama cat we call her mama cat she's very beautiful she likes water that's adorable like what is this well I need to go see what addy is doing so in a minute sorry she tried to get out again I love her so much and she's got her clothes out she's very mad token that's some food for her push it up corn she likes

it okay do me a favor place I'm going to my water hey honey honey what is it honey close the gate out of here like what the heck not kitty another fabulous picture of my kitty my cutie so okay daddy's got the water she's trying to get out Abby please close the door okay so got some crushed up corn missin corn sounds pretty good there so she's really liking it so as you can tell my channel name is the animal animal lover animal lover yeah or animal lover girl I'm not really sure so there she is we're trying to keep her calm this is really boring it's like the boring us video nurse so gotta tell you bye bye guys thank you for watching make sure to hit that like button and subscribe so like it if you love animals and so Adi is gonna say some stay by and whatever she went so uh d like safe take care of your animals bye [Music]