05 December 2018

Taking care of my animals

hi so welcome back sit here at home I'm

swim and so yeah I'm gonna be showing you how I take care of my fish back there um and explain stuff so and why I got them and how I take care of them and clean them and or not clean them I'm not gonna clean the cage because I got vacate or not the gate duh the tank so yeah but first let me address something him Oscar hates Tobey his back there Tobey is like an old one you don't yeah but my old baby Oscar it's Toby so so you come over here my tank is a little cloudy I'll show you them so these are zebra Dinis zebra Danny's um say I only have three females I look like this for but there's only three so this one right here that right there is Sam that's Nicole and back there is um Veronica when so in here I have a pink castle a leaf I'll explain when I believe and then a sugar school decoration and then the fish I was gonna get love this I have not seen them sleep yet and this is my pebbles Rock whatever it is a 6 gallon but really we put in five and a half because we needed like well that's shrinking water I don't like that but we're doing we did that because it needs space - so I caught my fish yesterday so yeah so my tank is a light

as you can see it has lights here I'll show you [Music] so we come back here really the light is here I just turned it off to turn it on I like come on and then down here is my yeah that's my timer for me turn the light off you see really only should isolate on for 9 to 10 hours zebra Dinis love light and they are like us they need light during the day and then darkness for the night to the rest um super Danny sleep really 40 minutes so yeah um Dinis and not better betta females is because the females actually had um it it is a disease it's very common and tap water or normal water not saltwater tanks and on Bettis they're kind of easy to treat it takes a little bit but that's the reason why I get them I hit the tank I had it already and I wasn't gonna wait for a female Bettis but they did tell me that I can't add two females in here when I am ready and then they get new there you have new one chip to them so hey what's up so yeah the females actually love or the Bettis love to wrestle neaps so that's

why I got a leaf and then they I'm getting I was gonna get three females that's why I got one of this one of this one is they all like to sleep in there and I just got a huge education I said I got super DVDs I got three of them I love them to death Sam in and not really not Nicole so yeah it's the water is kind of where's my conditioner um since my water is a little cloudy I'm actually gonna add some water conditioner to it which is this this just came with it I just know I'm just gonna feed them though I need them to eat so you just so that's the filter that's the heater I wanna get it on them a little bit sorry and maybe don't like it so that is maybe hungry so I feed them better food I got all this stuff the day before I was originally getting it Bettis so died don't have zebra Nene food and they usually just like exploring that tank Oh looks like Oh eating I hope they're watch see the food and then it's all food there's like no eat it I will usually scoop it out I don't know what she's doing so I'm not feed

I want to get my like PT hi that's my cat hi baby okay it doesn't look like 3d right now name oh well so what I'm gonna do boom curses seeping out of my pack like it really is a pain see they don't know I can't I'm not back I'm sorry do you yeah I have a fur rug I like to say I'm on it when I'm doing my hair he's gonna do his mouth Michael Jackson this is about the fish almost good not you if you're wondering how just how to get fish out of your tank if you're ever gonna do that is Society I'm trying not to drop my phone in the tank so this is my food in it see it time I hunt down her yep there you go and when you release it's like maybe not Oscar get your head out okay I think it's time for you to get off of my - I'm sorry if i disturb you Oscar what did I tell you so thank you for watching this I don't really care if you do or not so yeah hit that subscribe button comment down below if you wanna see more videos yeah or if you want to see more videos what type give my hair what type

of videos so yeah