13 August 2019

Taking care of my friends pet for the day! | adopt me

hello your face hey what's your stop

jumping in the pool winter we're sure yeah sure okay I'm actually gonna give you a different paths so you're okay I'm okay I'm getting on roblox okay I just look it's not you I just look wait they cannot see and then hey I'm gonna tell fortune yeah I'm telling you okay so he let strange turn winter back my black so I'm gonna give you a different so like give me winter and something else back there to give you okay I will give you will lay on me my flamingo we actually I'll give you a ride pet guess I'm gonna give you okay so you can take care of me well for today take your blood shot cuz I have a vehicle so but you know I'll be sorry about the background noise so we got my lunch I actually have a mug shot right Nick oh he liked me whoa oh just wait for the trades okay whoa go wheelie right there on the playground oh oh hey there's always plan running when time I flung me all yeah one time it where's where's my one time it flung me all across the lake why would I blame me I wanted to blame me how did you looks like I try to do this all the time and it doesn't work what do you think would give me a bike a

common guy a common suitor and an uncommon nice bitter no brother I didn't know when she accepted for for common vehicles for a legendary ride with them no not happening I need some okay by the way we're doing it at each other's houses you want to think I do it at your house or do you want to do I know where your house is I saw a movie here I guess and I just like doing this okay guys I'm gonna go to her house which okay guys comment down below with the next neon that should make it I've made um Addison a um nyan cat yeah I'm the only routable cat and they have a tour and so what should I make for it so I have a like a dragon where I should get my dad okay it's like a blue and pink type thing like that blue better though like I wish that's scary ya hear anything [Music] myyy Oh bleep body I'm leaving blood shot at my house and I'm I'm flying away I'm the worst pet sitter ever oh by the way if you go into that corner you're going to that corner you continue the other map and like the balloon to the sky Council

[Applause] [Music] okay you can teleport to me I'm I I'm at my house now Oh come find me then or you can just teleport to me if I do at my house mm-hmm oh my god oh my just let me out no look this a vlog we are you a family oh my teleport to me because I read that you were in they don't burn [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] blow up almost a gallon okay bye guys I gotta go