07 November 2018

Taking my crazy dog on a walk lol!

Friday, I will be making my mom a YouTube channel... Lol :)

what's going on everybody its Lex here

back with another video on your screen and in today's video I am NOT going to be making my mom's YouTube channel and I know Sunday I said I would be making my mommy YouTube channel today well things are getting postponed because my mom said for some reason that she's going to make her YouTube channel Friday sorry someone was looking at me and staring at me when I was vlogging very uncomfortable situation so I had to hurry up and stopped stop recording but okay so what I was saying was things were getting postponed I'm not going to make my mommy YouTube channel until Friday so yeah I guess that'll be Friday's video making my mommy YouTube channel right now I guess this is just gonna be a vlog video because I'm taking my dog on a walk as usual and that's gonna be it for today's video I'm not ending the video I'm just gonna be taking my dog on a walk today because I can't make my mom YouTube channel today ask her I don't know why I was planning on making it yesterday but things are getting postponed to Friday well yeah I hope you all enjoyed this video of me taking my dog on a walk he's a very crazy dog I know you all

love rocky but he is insane look like he's not even getting walked right now he's walking me bro running me this dog like doesn't know how to take proper walks he just runs and pees on stop signs as I was saying rocky is very hyper dog I know you guys like him so why not make him the spotlight this video I scared him it is currently five o'clock and I'm just now home from school because I stay after school every day except Fridays and Thursdays for basketball practice so okay Brooke I just got home from my basketball practice I have a game tomorrow so let me know in the comments section below if you think your girl gonna win her basketball game tomorrow our first basketball game was last Thursday and we did win yeah we killed him it was like 32 12 or something rocky stop stop sniffing the bag don't smell bags don't put a bag on your head don't what are you growl at get out of the street oh he's he's a squirrel that's funny were you growling at the squirrel I'm telling you guys my dog is so hyper he's a little miniature pinscher but he is so hyper he

will go after anything he sees he's like an attack dog because he I don't know he may be little but he's pretty strong he can scratch he can bite and it's his instinct to go after squirrels mice and tiny little rodents you know crazy dog oh but I love him so much you just see he pulls the leash and pees and bushes and stop signs but it looks so beautiful out here I love fall like fall is my favorite season which brings me to another topic Christmas is coming up soon oh my gosh that's the best holiday guys if you have been watching me for like a year and you're a true like Savage and like you've been watching me for a long time you guys know I love Christmas it's my favorite holiday it's my favorite day of the year and it's only a month away [Music] even though it's like only 50 degrees outside I'm still wearing a shirt and t-shirts wait did I just say I'm shirt and t-shirts I mean a t-shirt in basketball shorts because that's like all I wear I don't know it's comfortable so this is what I wear t-shirt and basketball shorts that's how I roll but yeah guys I'm gonna end this video right

here sorry it's a short video I like really didn't have anything to record today was planning on making my mom a youtube channel but that will be Friday's video so I'm gonna stop the video right here if you all want to see more videos with my dog drop a comment down below let me know cuz he's a crazy one but I love rocky your good boy but you're just extremely hyper but yeah guys I'm gonna in that video right here hope you enjoyed leave a like and subscribe if you're new and I will see you guys in the next video on Friday see ya peace out [Applause]