12 August 2019

Taking my dog for a walk

Just a random vlog I just felt like recording um thank y'all for 80 subs there will be a video about that make sure to subscribe and like the videos also I read every ...

I'm doing I just wanted to make this

quick little look if it probably won't be very large from Ikea I have a lot of upcoming videos and shot to make this just for easy just now this is what my dog does I'm lost ant yep Finn what are you doing oh my god you look thin that's a fence she always gets the leash stuck under her leg so I always have to get it out it's actually the most annoying thing then Oh what does pagan and ya doing come on [Music] [Applause] you're terrified she was about to dip me then oh my gosh see this for heat you're scared of the hello to Rice aren't you hey we're not gonna go very far this way so I already took you all of that with all those down man all right man come on come on Oh come on oh thank you more too strong Jessie but you're not strong as me all right then I'm gonna drop the leash first one there is cooler right there you won't go no way you're gonna be me don't spit there's no way no way jobs