09 September 2019

Talking to you when it was walking my dog

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take my dog for a walk and obviously

love this area we've got in my house I have laid oh man [Music] so yeah it's not that bad of you like it so yeah - yeah so that's like really nice grass then come we're gonna head these woods a little bit like not all the way but there's a little spot that we like to do I'm a Thomas walk for about like ten minutes so don't know and I just started living everything really heavy is because I walk home from school and I walked to my sister's school then yeah I have to might get them on video when I do a face reveal which is the $50 see ya see let's stop around here look around but you can't go really far back we just like to chill in here no I do like to pick up there we have them in this cup for a while says it's been swarming I just won so it's really muddy so you can only go so far but he wants to go for super work there's actually this part of this we've gone because I'm scared yeah when I look over there come on no sneeze at me oh yeah

so yeah yeah recording actually recording and I might go live as I can but no no but if you do what early face reveal go to my tik-tok yeah um I like my tech-talk in the description below so definitely go ahead down there there's a car appear so know I just say oh no mines right early and there's a car that just pulled himself and I probably gonna think I'm crazy so and block it places out if they come garage something hood just for safety not Percy yeah for safety and privacy Oh up they went on their dodge bench he barks Oh Oh is the end of our walk guys so we're gonna walk up here I'm gonna end the video so I'm just going to end it here all right bye guys make sure you go check them good make sure you go check the link down below and yeah go check this link down below and description to get an early face reveal and I might post them in some of my tips on here so yeah alright bye guys