23 March 2011

Tarp Cover for Animals

https://www.tngun.com/diy-conduit-tarp-cover-for-animal-cages/ ...

okay so we're out here finishing up

about 15 projects in a row we're putting the last bit of finishing touches on the automatic whiz-bang lazy man's automatic chicken rabbit dog water okay we've got a five-gallon bucket with a it took us a minute to figure out how to how to do it but we ended up with a shower drain at the bottom of the bucket 2 inch PVC then I've got a manifold over there that splits it off into a couple different places you've got a drain valve and then one goes into the chicken coop over on that side and then this goes into our rabbit grow-out cage we'll probably later split into smaller boxes but right now it's just one big eight-foot cage and then it goes over to our rabbit huts that we just put on and then there at the far end I've got a hog nipple that hopefully the dog will use to water and we've got to put a little support to it yet but we'll see if the dog will do it you see we've got some conduit pipe stretched over a board that goes across our offense posts we've got some billboard tarp and we're about to make kind of a greenhouse Quonset hut roof over here because we wanted to get the chickens the rabbits from outside the carport because they were urinating on

the new car and we didn't like to smell so we put them out here but to do that we had to put a roof over them and so we bought a large billboard tarp here's the other side of the fence here's the other side of the fence and you can see that we've staked those conduit 3/4 inch PVC conduit pipes down and zip tie them in and what we're going to do is take some woven wire I think we got to foot about 50 foot and we're going to run it along the base so critters can't get in and overlap a little bit so they can't dig under we're going to put chicken wire up in the middle and then at the top we're going to have that 10 foot wide tarp and then here's the other end of the chicken box and we're going to put something there where they can they could crawl up and get in and then you know we'll make this a layin box and so we can get our eggs okay and on this side this is how we get into there then you can see part of the automatic water in there right now you can see we got a little rabbit in there because we didn't want to put the rabbits back until we were done messing around their cages because we didn't want to to mess them

up too terribly bad the only one that's in the cage now is the mama because we didn't touch the babies okay step one after we we build the risers as we had to get the tarp up over the poles and you can see that it's an old Panera Bread billboard but with because the licensing we have to put the inside out we can't let the advertising show which is fine with me because the insides white and we ask to get it white and so we have to unfold it now so the white side Shelly okay here's the finished product and we've had a little bit of a light rain today and everybody stayed dry here's the chickens and they're really digging this got a little door so don't plan on going in there very often looks like they can't quite figure out where to lay their eggs yet they like this a whole lot and they've been scratching and tearing up the ground but we're kind of like it having everybody in one spot makes feeding and watering a whole lot easier the only thing that I have to do to totally finish this is up here with the bucket I need to put some sort of cover on there for the leaves and I think I'm going to make some sort of

pulley float weight system on here an empty with a string and then when the float floats up it'll it'll let me know whether I need to fill it or not because filling this gets to be kind of difficult for the wife since it's so tall but bear here you don't know what to think about all these other animals he's starting to feel a little left out but anyway there it is and we like it and we'll come back more for other videos because I'm sure we'll think of something new to do now thanks