12 August 2019


I am to this day confused about why she got mad at me. I thought I answered her question. Could I have answered better? Do you think I avoided the question?

the battery to the thing dead um so I

have a story that happened well I guess now last year um after I went to the hospital at the school when they called the ambulance on me I also have a story for that if you haven't already you might want to watch that first before you watch this one but after they called the ambulance on me I talked to the superintendent about doing the presentation on service animals to the school in the middle and high schoolers so that way they know not to mess with service animals and then stuff like that and I've had this planned out for months at the time and every time it was like oh we'll do it this other Lear down and [Music] one day on the kid brought his puppy to school and it caused anxiety attacked to the point where my sister had to carry me out of the cafeteria because I was too weak and too shaky to get up he got in trouble and they sent the puppy home they had someone come for but the next day is when the school decided you want to do your presentation I was like really everyone already hates me hated me at that school um no one liked me so when I did this presentation everyone thought I was doing it because

of that student but I wasn't but um as I was doing the presentation I also had like box Oh thing projection thing behind me you know you know things like when those were like pictures and some information on it and stuff powerpoints yeah yeah okay not a PowerPoint behind me that I mean and yes package Becky for her later okay there you don't well thank you okay um um out of PowerPoint behind me and I was asking for questions during the end and a teacher my algebra teacher I'm not going to name her name we're gonna call her suave I'm looking at dude right now suave we're gonna call her suave suave my eyebrows that swab cotton swab okay um so suave wait great boy raised her hand and I was like yeah and she goes so my niece is blind and I'm like okay how come that she has to pay thousands of dollars for her dog but you're allowed to own a train because I just got done telling them that service animals don't have to be professionally trained you can train them under federal law and I go well under federal law she is allowed to train her own dog it'd be very difficult because she's blind if you

can't see where the curbs are and train her dog it'd be really hard but legally she's allowed to and she goes okay but why is that fair and I'm like what do you mean by federal law she's allowed to just as much as I'm allowed to just so much as any disabled person wanting a service dog is allowed to train their own dog it's hard because she can't see but she can do it and she got pissed off at me I guess um she whispered something to a teacher I saw the corner of my eye and then she left and the door slammed behind her and after the presentation at the time I didn't have her class I had a class near the end of the year but at the time I didn't have her class and so my friends who had her class were telling me that suave was saying complaining about me to her classes saying that I avoided the question and that's I'm a bitch that those were her words apparently so I somehow pissed off a teacher doing a service animal presentation but I don't understand how I avoided her question why is it fair that you get to train your own dog my niece can't you know what so that's the last time I ever did a presentation to a

school and my first time I don't know I don't think I want to do it again although but I guess I pissed off a teacher during a survey on presentation because I I avoided her question