05 December 2018

Teaching a dog to walk beside you without using force (3)

This dog was so strong that the owners could no longer take him out for a walk ..they had consulted another "trainer" who had suggested a prong collar. !!!! I had ...

okay because I want him to I want him to

walk beside me because it's a lovely thing for him to do yeah all they normally do is you say if he was loose you want to say fine diesel this way you want him to one side and your left hand side we was teaching talking my left knee gets a click and treat this way we want to become learned behavior so it comes learn so he he wants to be here so he's Matt is Lucky's McDonald's my left knee is he's came back okay you're a smashing boy you're so cute I want him to trot along smiling happy checking me out but looking ahead [Music] he only gets it when he comes for my left side becomes round to that side here's nothing nothing [Music] every time I change direction I say this way when he gets here he gets a clicking treat gradually you increase the distance between the clip and the treats but at the moment he's getting lots of quit Centauri tell me get someone left me he gets a click and treat she becomes learned behavior okay okay so my hand is on today so it's starting to learn to turn without me even saying this way now nothing on my

lead I'm not pulling him I'm not talking to you