10 July 2016

Techno - Pet Care System [ LTPC ]

Presentation of Techno - Pet Care System.

lpt c-lab you busy techno pet care is

done as a contribution to a WBA Animal Welfare Board of India problem statement the lack of platform to monitor pets is the main problem faced in today's life our goal is to monitor and maintain the pets in a smarter way the challenges we face is to bring pets under the influence of labview basic IOT Internet of Things and to measure temperature vibration and moisture literature survey we have made service on the pit care according to the survey veterinary doctors say measurement of body temperature must be made automatic as per a WBA Animal Welfare Board of India when Lee wild animals are monitored and maintained but pet animals is still a challenge existing methods Samsung has planned to introduce motor homes for dogs which include treadmills for dogs television for dogs but it is expensive and it doesn't satisfy the basic needs of the pit impact of the project the impact of the project is to reduce the human effort and to convert the pets in the absence of their owners implementation the implementation include automatic feeding of food at the right time automatic opening of the door with the dog urinates temperature sensor

to measure the body temperature when it is too hot vibration sensor to measure the vibration when the pet makes noise system diagram the temperature sensor vibration sensor moisture sensor food trolley automatic lamp rotating camera are connected to the controller similarly the GPS system gsm modem main server are interconnected as well as connected to the controller the gsm modem for the pet parents and the gsm modem for the doctors are connected to the main server the display for the gsm modem of the pit parents and the display of the gsm modem of the doctor or connected to the main mobile controller the automatic lamp the rotating camera and the door are connected to the mobile controller this is the whole system of the lpt see connection diagram first rotating plate with football the mortar is given the AC supply which is connected to my view the alarm clock is also connected to my real the motor connected to my view has a fixed value when the value is equal to the fix-it value the plate starts rotating when it is not equal the plate remains static additional door opening the moisture sensor is connected to my Rio when the

value is greater than constant the motor will start rotate and the information is given to the cell phone otherwise the system remains static temperature sensing temperature sensor is connected to the mario similarly the value is greater than the constant the information is given to the cell phone otherwise it remains the static vibration sensor the vibration sensor and the rotating camera are connected to the mario with the values greater than constant the information is given to the cell phone and the camera starts rotating otherwise the whole system remains static the hardware setup was already explained in the physical model applications this LP TC was extensively used in all homes where pets are grown and it is maintained and monitored hardware and software requirements smartphone running an Android application network of sensors or the hardware's Mario is also an hardware and the LabVIEW software user dinner project future development phase detection for detection of thieves or the useful person and the automatic refilling of food after when it becomes empty can be done in the future

conclusion this makes the carrying of pet easier LP TC is the most easier way of carrying pets and it turns the boring pet houses into an interesting gadgets thank you