30 October 2019


Thanks to everyone who sent in costume requests! Every year I see Jenna Marbles do this video with her dog, so we decided to join the fun...actually, it was ...

today's video Drupa turn my beautiful

dog is gonna be trying on Halloween costumes and as you can see by his face II did not enjoy this one bit so please be sure to give this video a thumbs up [Music] well there its be Natalie and today I wanted to do a video that honestly just makes me happy and joyful and that always includes my 85 pound golden retriever he lost five pounds oh my god there's hairs ever a little disclaimer this is what Jupiter does in the middle of the night [Music] I might've seen more of that on our blog channel if you're not already following impasse I'm having you guys as a powerup to control my life even pick my hair color and today you guys are going to be choosing Jupiter's Halloween costume I actually asked you guys on Instagram and Twitter to send over some of the funniest Halloween costume this funny pug dressed as a okay so he clearly doesn't like this outfit at all no okay we have two little chihuahua and one is like a little Mexican guy when it happens your Colombian and stuff he seems offended my goodness here we have a little puppy latte from Starbucks oh

there's a little smile oh my goodness then we have woke up freaking hilarious that was it that was a funny sure how do you feel about that Marilyn Monroe so the very first we're gonna do the ups tab because who wouldn't want a dog to deliver your packages Conville oh and you would want that because I would we just got another random UPS pal so if you guys want this comment below in the comments your Instagram and I will be [Music] what about finance they have good benefits dog yes are [Music] thank you well no I think I got a large boom [Music] [Music] I have the classic one called you know those babies yeah I felt like he's perfect why buy this baby right here we have a little french buddy [Music] to Dorset Africa sugarless super super [Music] [Applause] [Music] of course we got the classic lion's mane

as is an upgrade from last year because it has ears [Music] and we have a little prison pooch costume there's been a bad boy D he's going to jail today we have our teddy bear costume a walking teddy bear okay that makes it ten times cuter [Music] yes behind the scenes we don't at the Indian are behind the scenes of those struggles of putting this on it's now live on our blog channel Nathalie Dennis show he'd rather play with them than wear them conclusion of this video it was a lot harder to put them on then Weaver for sure as an extra pull harder to find the right side so make sure that you find your dog the right side you can enjoy this video and give it a thumbs up who aren't subscribed subscribe to the family I love you guys so much and thank you so much for sending me all of these incredible requests want to see more videos or do prepare a comment below and we would love to do them and we are signing out