10 September 2019

The Biggest Con Bar None Is the Ubiquitous Phony “Service Dog”

ServiceDogs #ServiceAnimals #ServiceAnimalAbuse In #LionelNation there's only truth. Verity. Bold, brash and naked. There are no political parties, ...

the biggest con Bar None

only first say thanks for watching and thanks for subscribing I always do that first thanks pretty little bells so you always want to find of live streams and do videos they don't forget on top of the fifth October the fifth tickets below I dig the stage right they at the cutting room okay as I was saying the biggest kind is the service dog this service I gotta have my ferret or my pigeon and my pony or my cock that's right the rooster and get a guy you I I gotta have my Chihuahua my chinchilla I gotta have my pony my turkey a turkey I gotta bring my pony on the plane and there's nothing you can say about it and I'm gonna bring my slobbering smelly dog into a bank drug store food store and you're gonna have to put up with it because it's my service dog and I may or may not have a little jacket on it I may or may not have that jacket which I can get at Amazon for free and I may or may not have the papers which I'm required to have I know show me your papers the the certificate that I need this that this Bandicoot that I'm bringing into this into this a store that is required because I suffer from something now

service dogs do exist service dogs seeing-eye dogs dogs that help children dogs that can presage and and anticipate and sense seizures dogs that work with PTSD from veterans and others absolutely positively without a doubt yes legitimate valid critical the therapies that are being done with horses my children who have spectrum disorders and a variety it's it's miraculous do not think for a moment that I am disputing the legitimate the efficacious benefits was a tad redundant of service dogs and the like okay and sometimes it might be a it might be a non dog I get it but what I'm seeing today is people who abuse it people with their stupid animals people who have such little personality self-reference self-referential IV actualization silly people who have this weird kind of a non parietal sense of I belong I'm significant not after you love me love my dog it's they abuse it because it's their world we're privileged to live in it and go anywhere they want and if you're bringing this big stupid slobbery yelling and you know right away this is not this is this is this is a woman our

man Jenning gunning working the system unfortunately using these ridiculous these ridiculous variations and and and abuses oh I've had it everywhere I go there's somebody bringing their stupid animal in there and let me they used to be stupid animal you got an animal wait this is not about the dog it's about the selfish look at me self-absorbed pitiful awful horrid citizen that I've got to devote my precious space to when who invades my world my sense of of decorum I don't there anybody if I get a cellphone call I'd go outside I don't even talk in front of anybody up I don't even talk during the previews and a movie theater without previews what we can debate that one - does that count as the movie started do it I have this thing look I'm not Leticia Boulder's I'm not Emily Post I'm just telling you I there's this thing called a social contract and I do it unwittingly but you know what maybe I'm the schmuck maybe I should do whatever I want I'm gonna bring in my my my service Ocelot I still like the Bandicoot this big lumbering big rodent rat that gives me pleasure that that

appeases ease that that tranquilize is my way of thinking Oh for the love of God think about it thanks for watching right arm lock and load power to the people and comment as you see fit