23 April 2019

The Dog Walking episode WITH NO SOUP

No soup videos this week, sorry guys.

yeah I know yeah this is my vlog hello

this is Charlie this is Carson this this looks kind of boring well do you have a better one can you pick out a better one pick out a better desktop let's see what do you think is better oh yeah oh yeah this videos gonna get taken down cam go a Half Men you vlog it welcome hey guys I'm vlogging about oh god I'm really zoomed in it was just like those tainting sunny for a nice walk it's 70 degree weather it's a beautiful day stop zooming in stop it alright guys you just saw footage of sunny going crazy because he saw another puppy dogs go crazy me see other dogs this is Carson reporting now hello everyone and welcome to our journey across off Minh estates this is going to be a 100 kilometer walk and the mailman going to run us down gotta get out of here mailman [Music] we've made it to our first destination the rocks next up is Arbor Day Park today you're getting an exclusive look into my life with Carson stepping we're nearing stop number two another Rock we have very exciting landmarks around here there's the old birch tree planted that

burning tree years ago you know this vlog isn't too interesting I'll be honest this is just a walk and look we've made it to stop number two here we got a Carson playing Pokemon go at Arbor Day party see it the next one all right guys next stop what's the next step we'll figure it out see you later so guys we did we made it - sunflower Lane stop number three there's Arbor Day Park so guys we were just passion flower Lane we're going to the jewel I guess our videos gonna be a hit charlie you know vlogger out [Music] whoa wow that was a close one guys it's all right Don yeah sunny sunny okay what is it I didn't say anything every time we try to get footage of him Egypt no you know he's been hotarubi go to my patreon in the link below don't leave me some money please these are hard times so what you just saw was a 2015 Chevy Camaro that was Carson's car spots number one alright guys so this is Carson reported rocky and Charlie what we're gonna do our next checkpoint is Zach McCarthy's house organized at the docks and Zach McCarthy

so Zach McCarthy the bass player for the rest we're about two doctors how much food he lives on that's what so as we were in the middle of daxing back his grandma pulled up and she almost called the police that was truly crazy guys but remember his dress was so Zach's house was stopped number five stop six his homestead part crazy spider person ah oh my god so you genocide shot do that again do that again is everything new your new Ian Carson well I don't know if we miss that footage yeah we're gonna leave Charlie there um but I'm not sure if we miss the footage I'm not sure if we miss the footage or not but sunny crying on the tower hi guys so rules that will upset Forex day tune it's time for a recap of that that was pretty ridiculous I fell and almost died sunny tried to rescue me I think I actually broke all the bones in my body right now it's not good how much longer I can continue this walk [Music] we're basically in the middle of a desert it's probably like a hundred degrees out all right guys this is stop number I've lost you who just walked

through the Sahara Desert it was really hard but we made it everyone's here what tried you have something to say he needs water he's a hill beyond that we should beat the heat with that fire I drew over there I drink water why are we still here just suffer that sucks huh okay papa fire hydrants alright guys we just discovered something someone vandalized the stop sign listen I'm loud house no me of that person do you ever watch this video you're scummy man see what that says says do not fill above this line what do you see above that line look at these people in there air conditioned car air conditioned houses Wow well we're out here dying and Mickey I mean we did choose to come out here you know on these walks I'm not always acting like a vlogger this is the first time I've vlogged doing these walks when I'm out on these walks I like to think about a lot of things a lot of things sometimes good sometimes bad things like to listen to albums this time I'm not check out Yoshimi battles the pink robots it's a good album give me money

Carson's always a blogger hey guys stop number 66 the secret passage this is our way home and we're gonna walk up this path it's my guard journey home if I had to George got a compliment from a guy walking down the street he said that hat is amazing and his hat is a Swedish hat he said it's the greatest place on earth he loves it and we told me was this authentic Swedish hat a nice little flower sprit springtime well our walk is coming to an end here we are going down the hill near the rocks we're coming back around at the start again it's been a lot of ups and downs on this walk things are looking up for us though we'll check in back with you the last stop alright guys we're back at the rocks came from there from the secret passage homeward bound charli's were happy right there sunny is very happy he's dancing like a happy prospector the other careful is loose our answer about Holy Family Church look at them ducks look at them ducks you watching out for the sleeping dogs the alpha dog we always got a copyright structures trying to copy strike this video I'm

gonna oh no here's the problem with the electric companies they always screw up nature I'll show you look at this look at they could this entire nature don't they could this tree in half everyone just so those lines can cut through that is despicable all right guys it's the last shot of the vlog but actually really not in good shape you know I'm actually feeling fine because I do this walk every day but Carson's on the verge of collapsing I think we're gonna camp out tonight this is the last you hear of us the the channel is over this is why - peach soup is going on another year hiatus because we died out here yeah goodbye true beet soup for about another year until I decided to come back [Applause]