05 May 2019

The easy way to bath your dog! - Waterpik Pet Wand Pro Dog Shower Attachment

This review is on the Waterpik Pet Wand Pro Dog Shower Attachment , This is a wonderful tool for the DIY bathing or washing your dog.It can either be used on a ...

bathing your dogs indoors can seem like

a challenge but I'm going to show you what makes it easier hey I'm Haley and I'm coming at you from the bully den to show you a quick tip on hot faith your dogs inside and to give a review on the Waterpik so I really love this piece this is me feeding the dogs a game changer I love it and I'll show you why first of all it comes with so many different little pieces so you can use it on like your shower you can use on your sink faucet you can use it on your hose I'm going to show you how I use it it comes with this little adapter here so you can attach a chair shower and then it just hooks on so it's right there for your convenience while still letting the shower water flow so you don't have to like change it up every time I also like that it comes with this little suction cup thing so that way when you're done with it you can just set it up there no worries if it's too short at the moment you can just set it up and not have to worry about it it also comes with an 8 foot hose which when you change the consideration hump in your bathtub is I'm so like maybe like 6 feet that happened to go from an end to end having an 8 foot hose is very

helpful it's also angled so that way you can get the shape of the curve of their back they're curved with their underbelly and it makes it really a lot more convenient and also comes with different water settings which I'll show you in a minute I love this product it's totally worth the money it's not it's not even super expensive we'll put a link or something down below so you guys can check it out but I love this product how I use it is so I haven't we bought this bathtub for the dogs but I haven't been able to pick out a specific water nozzle so what I do is I feed it through the hole right here [Music] attaches and hangs out but then I come over to my sink my utility sink which already has the threads on it and I just thread it up [Music] so once it's nice and tight what I also love is that I don't have to do this every time this little piece down here twist so that it also releases so I leave this piece on all the time until I'm ready to bathe the dogs then I stop to attach the hose and it's super easy and very

convenient I love it so once this on the water doesn't have to sort out I think it's on currently so the host what is left on so it has very minimal water dripping when it's in the off position and it has different levels yeah that's a nice little trick for powerful for those really deep undercoat and it just goes around there are a wide angle [Music] super-powerful and a nice little drizzle I like the nice little drizzle for like when you're just soaking them up and then that way you're not bombarding them with water and they're getting more than you're relaxing in it that's the way that I like to use it we use this on a regular basis so what I suggest you in the actual video aware that we use we actually use this one our dog kind to show you how to bathe the Bulldog so I'd like to just check in that out because I love this product check it out use it read the other reviews on it it's pretty awesome and you're not going to regret buying it so we'll go check it out I miss you guys later [Music]

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